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Sep 8, 2013 08:04 AM

Wegman's prepared food

For the second time I have tried a selection of Wegman's prepared foods and found them barely edible. Am I on to something or de gustibus?

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  1. I have found their prepared foods to be uneven. Some of the items - whole cooked chickens, mac & cheese, green beans are okay. But some - cauliflower, meatloaf were horrid.

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    1. re: OM42Braz

      + 1 on the horrid my only exception is the kosher chicken salad which is made on site and I have found to be, most times, very good.

    2. What did you have? In general I find their foods to be under seasoned. Also, the prepackaged food are worse than the food behind the case. But they are barely a step up from a frozen dinner, and certainly more expensive.

      1. Wondering why a surprise, prepared foods are just that, prepared in advance, sometimes good, often not.
        Whether at local supermarket, W(t)F, or Wegmans.
        The ones sold at D&D were even more expensive and just as spotty as to goodness.

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        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          Agreed! WF's, for example, has some of the worst prepared foods ever: zero taste and very expensive. Same thing with some of the other higher-end stores (I'm talking to you, DiBruno's). You're better off buying your own ingredients and cooking it yourself.

        2. My experience precisely of those who replied.

          But Delucacheesemonger, prepared foods may be baseline not so hot, but one can make distinctions between caterers and Whole Foods (and I don't think Whole Foods so fab) is much better than Wegmans. And NYC has far more choices at a higher overall quality.

          BTW I tried Wegman's Mount Laurel and the foods are identical in every way. I agree about the whole versus mixed, underseasoned, thing. I had a steak dinner yesterday and besides the fact I couldn't cut it with the plastic knives supplied, it was fine. But the salad bar offerings were pretty bad. But not nearly as bad as items I tried elsewhere in the store, for example hummus or guacamole, probably the worst I have had.