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Wegman's prepared food

For the second time I have tried a selection of Wegman's prepared foods and found them barely edible. Am I on to something or de gustibus?

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  1. I have found their prepared foods to be uneven. Some of the items - whole cooked chickens, mac & cheese, green beans are okay. But some - cauliflower, meatloaf were horrid.

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      + 1 on the horrid my only exception is the kosher chicken salad which is made on site and I have found to be, most times, very good.

    2. What did you have? In general I find their foods to be under seasoned. Also, the prepackaged food are worse than the food behind the case. But they are barely a step up from a frozen dinner, and certainly more expensive.

      1. Wondering why a surprise, prepared foods are just that, prepared in advance, sometimes good, often not.
        Whether at local supermarket, W(t)F, or Wegmans.
        The ones sold at D&D were even more expensive and just as spotty as to goodness.

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          Agreed! WF's, for example, has some of the worst prepared foods ever: zero taste and very expensive. Same thing with some of the other higher-end stores (I'm talking to you, DiBruno's). You're better off buying your own ingredients and cooking it yourself.

        2. My experience precisely of those who replied.

          But Delucacheesemonger, prepared foods may be baseline not so hot, but one can make distinctions between caterers and Whole Foods (and I don't think Whole Foods so fab) is much better than Wegmans. And NYC has far more choices at a higher overall quality.

          BTW I tried Wegman's Mount Laurel and the foods are identical in every way. I agree about the whole versus mixed, underseasoned, thing. I had a steak dinner yesterday and besides the fact I couldn't cut it with the plastic knives supplied, it was fine. But the salad bar offerings were pretty bad. But not nearly as bad as items I tried elsewhere in the store, for example hummus or guacamole, probably the worst I have had.

            1. Funny you should mention this because I tried the Greek pasta salad with tomatoes, olives and feta last week. It was repugnant and I had to throw it out. I looked at the ingredients, and one was lemon powder. I don't know what that is but there was some flavor in that salad that I could not abide by.

              1. I thought Wegman's prepared foods are what made people love the stores? I've gone to the markets several times and was not impressed with grocery variety or prices, I thought the prepared foods was the draw?

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                  "I though Wegman's prepared foods are what made people love the stores?" Really? While some may argue that the selection is limited: I always thought the segmentation of the store with comprehensive speciality departments, in house bakery, fresh fish, on site butcher etc., offering a larger than normal grocery shopping experience was the draw.

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                    I guess... those depts were underwhelming to me. For example. the butcher carried very few cuts of pork and were unable to actually butcher anything when asked. Havent tried the bakery but sounds like that is mediocre at best.

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                      The bakery is great, if and only if, you really don't like good bread. Not as good as W(t)F and to me that is plain dreadful.
                      Guess l am hooked on bread from Manhattan and Paris and never am satisfied elsewhere, even SFO. Everyonce in a while though, Philadelphia surprises as the bread at Modo Mio, the filone type loaf at Fork, and Vetri's bread as well. They are all great for my palate.

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                        I agree, barryg. I finally made it to the Cherry Hill Wegmans a couple weeks ago and honestly was wondering what precisely the hype was about - besides the prepared food section which was all I'd heard raved about by local friends. I wasn't interested in that, just the regular market selections.

                        And while I found some specialty Asian and Indian ingredients I was looking for, I wasn't overwhelmed by their produce section (especially when I compare what I can get at my local farmers markets in South Jersey). I did get some veal for osso bucco that was impressive and the cheese market was nice, but that was about it. I was hoping to get some head-on shrimp since my favorite Asian market closed its seafood counter, but the seafood counter guy just looked at me as if I was asking for alien sea slugs or something.

                        All in all if I'm going to bother to deal with driving in Cherry Hill for groceries, I think I'll go to HMart or Asian Food Market instead. And I won't have to dead with the rabid shoppers at Wegmans who made it an especially stressful experience (seriously I think I left with black and blues up my lower legs from being hit by so many crazed shoppers and their carts).

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                          I tried to buy broccolini there, couldnt find it. Asked the guy, he said they only carry it bagged, and they were out. They always have it actually fresh at ShopRite in South Philly. But you can watch people slice fruit and vegetables... and have the privilege of weighing and pricing your own stuff.

                          They do have some exotic ethnic items, but then again, they only carry Goya brand for hispanic stuff. Other products also they did not have variety. Again, more selection, and a much lower price, at ShopRite. Cheese counter is nice but didnt seem better than Whole Foods or of course DiBruno's. Not surprised to hear they dont carry head-on shrimp as they didn't carry pork butt or bone-in prok shoulder either.

                          And private label product quality was very poor. With all the hype, I for some reason though Wegman's brand products would be like 365 or Trader Joe's, good quality for the price.

                          Not worth the drive for me if I need to go to other stores to fill in gaps.

                          Bulk foods section was pretty good though not cheap. I also really like that the family packs of chicken breast, steaks and pork chops come with each piece individually vacuum packed. Of course last time I was there, they were out of that packaging so same as any other store.

                          Sorry I have been meaning to vent about Wegmans for a while, trying to see why people swoon over it so much. Seems like pre-sliced, pre-season and prepared foods are the differentiator so was surprised to hear hounds say that stuff is no good either.

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                            The only attraction for me is the cheese counter. Only because of the topping for the blue cheese ball. It is decadent and delicious and I certainly don't want to know how decadent! Otherwise, I am not a fan.

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                              I got some brie with mushrooms at warrington wegmans once and I baked it with some sauteed mushrooms and a bit of onion and garlic in a TJs puff pastry. It was a really cold winter night. My friend who is somewhat picky devoured it with me. Would have hated to eat it by myself as it was not a low calorie dish he he

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                      No, the draw for me is the selection I find in the various areas of the store especially when compared to their competition. The bakery, cheese, produce and meat/seafood areas put other store to shame both in terms of variety and quality. Their prices aren't great but I would rather pay more and get a quality product versus what you get in the avaerage Acme/Shprite store.

                    3. Obviously Wegman's is doing something very right! While one can argue regarding the quality of specific items, the lack of selection, their pricing, they have brought to the Philadelphia area a level of competition which is going to or in many cases already has forced other food stores to uplift their game. The legacy large food stores in this area have been way behind the rest of the country in the service and products they provide and the overall shopping experience in their last generation facilities. The continued investment being made by Wegman's in the Philadelphia area is in response to the overwhelming success of their stores and I believe to our general benefit. Like their prepared foods, selection, pricing or not: they and we are the winners!

                      1. I used to have dinner pretty often at the Wegmans in warrington. The crab cake sandwich was yummy and some of the sides were good. Mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, string beans and such.