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Sep 8, 2013 07:57 AM

Best Tandoori Chicken in Montreal (and not in the suburbs)

I often prepare Indian dishes for the family, and often would wish to complete the meal with some true tandoor-cooked meat, which is impossible to make at home without the almighty tandoor oven. Any recommendations on top-of-the-line tandoori? And is there anything noteworthy close to the Saint-Henri/Pointe Saint Charles/Little Burgundy axis?

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  1. Doesn't Burgandy Lion pub on Notre Dame prepares a few indian dishes ? Maybe they have tandoori chicken.

    1. Gulati sells a home tandoor oven for $395.00 see at's always better at home.

      1. Gulati Tandoors makes a home version for $395.00 with stainless steel cover. See them at

        1. I believe Thali on St-Marc has Tandoori chicken. DAD's bagels on Sherbrooke W. might have it too but I'm not sure if it's cooked in a tandoor.

          I personally get my fix at Dev on Victoria. I haven't tried much tandoori chicken, but it does it for me and its cheap. A little far from where you are though.

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            every time i've had tandoori at thali it has been very dry

          2. Is India's Oven in Park-Ex (near the Parc m├ętro) any good? I'm asking this more for myself and my friends, as it isn't anywhere near the Southwest either.