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Sep 8, 2013 07:03 AM

Thai ingredients and groceries north of Chicago?

I have recently moved to the Libertyville area and searching for kaffir lime leaves and other Thai ingredients. I saw a reference to a Thai Grocery store in Chicago but gather that it is now closed. I have found Korean markets but no fresh Thai ingredients. Any advice or recommendations?
Many thanks!

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  1. Eat lunch or dinner at your neighborhood Thai restaurant in Libertyville and ask the owner for local Thai shopping suggestions. They'd be the likely best resource for you. And if there are no Thai groceries in your area, the restaurant might be persuaded to sell you the ingredients you seek.

    Or you could go the mail order route:

    A similar Yelp thread here:

    1. You may have to go into the city for what you're looking for. Try

      Golden Pacific Market
      5353 N Broadway St
      Chicago, IL 60640
      (773) 334-6688

      They are a pan-Asian store that is surprisingly complete [to my inexperienced eye] and I have seen kaffir lime leaves and curry leaves there before. Since you're traveling, best to call and ask if they have what you want.

      Asking your local Thai restaurant is a good idea, too, as it may lead to something closer.

      And then go down the street and have a great lunch at Sun Wah

      Sun Wah BBQ
      5041 N. Broadway
      Chicago, Illinois 60640

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        There are a number of Asian groceries in the North suburban area a lot closer than Broadway and Foster.

        H-Mart and Assi are both on Milwaukee in Niles and have a broad range of Asian foods, including specialty produce items. Neither are especially close to Libertyville, but certainly closer than Uptown.

        There's a Fresh Farms in Wheeling that will have a broader range of Asian products than a typical grocer but not sure if they'll carry fresh lime leaves.

        1. re: ferret

          I go to H-Mart and Assi Plaza fairly often, since they are in my neighborhood. I don't recall seeing specifically Thai ingredients at either place. That doesn't mean they're not there, but both of those place lean heavily toward serving the Korean market.

        2. re: Giovanna

          Thanks for the suggestion for Sun Wah BBQ, it looks great!

        3. Many thanks for the suggestions... I did ask the staff at a Thai restaurant in Vernon Hills but they said that I had to go and check in the city, and I noticed that they did not have kaffir lime leaves in their dishes. I have visited a few Asian markets here but they seem to be predominately Korean, and I also visited a Japanese market in Arlington Heights for Japanese ingredients. I think that I will need to order online but also look forward to exploring the markets in Chicago, and then perhaps finding some dim sum! Really looking forward to our new home and exploring... Many thanks again...