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Sep 8, 2013 06:11 AM

dinner in Dijon

I am driving myself crazy trying to come up with a restaurant for dinner in Dijon. My first choice was L'Auberge de la Charme but it is closed on Tuesday, which is when we are there. I need someplace destination worthy that can accommodate my husband who doesn't eat shellfish or meat. Considering Stephane Derbord or William Frachot but not sure about either of those. Suggestions?

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  1. Since no one has responded I'll contribute this, albeit from 2005 "In late September 2005 (therefor the intel may be out of date) we ate at Le Bistrot des Halles, so-so but inexpensive dinner for 63 E; Stephane Derbord, not bad at all for 108 Euros; and schlepped out to the best of the three restaurants, in Prenois, L'Auberge de la Charme, for 97 Euros. Because I was on holiday from my Paris duties, I took lousy notes. However, if the truth be told, our most interesting meal was a huge sit-down catered affair at the Clos Vougeot estate with singing and dancing and very, very fine wine."

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      thank you! i was dismayed that no one responded. sadly L'Auberge de la Charme is closed the night we are there. presently considering Stephane Derbord or Le Pre aux Clercs. if anyone else wants to chime in, I would be grateful!

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        I had a business lunch at Chapeau Rouge/ William Franchot recently and while a 40-euro lunch special may not be the basis of a sound recommendation, I am definitely hoping I can get back there some time to try the full menu. The memorable stuff included a very cute snail-based amuse and a beautifully-cooked piece of rascasse dressed with a light shellfish sauce, and the cooking style seems to skew lighter and more modern, which fits my preference. Very gracious service including by a grandfatherly captain who seemed to be looking after everyone in the room at once, discreetly assisted by a big professional crew.

        Incidentally, David Zuddas who may have been the chef at Auberge de la Charme at the time of Dr. Talbott's visit is now at his own bistro DZ Envies, across the road from the market. Terrific modern cooking at a nice price. I think the kitchen had lucked into a shipment of lobsters the night we were there because pretty much everyone was tucking into a 30-euro lobster menu. We had this too and really enjoyed it - lightly-cooked claw-meat in a modern salad presentation with dabs of a very light curry dressing, then bisque, then the tail with lentils and chorizo. There is also a well-priced 'I love Burgundy' 5-course menu which would be fun I think - I expect this chef would have his own take on the usual snails and red-wine based classics - and which would get around your shellfish restriction, although this resto may be more casual than what you are looking for.

        I will also throw in my favourite meal of this visit, which was at So, Japanese-owned and -operated, 2 min walk from the big place, serving a limited-choice menu to a full house of appreciative locals (chef says early in the week is less hectic though). Very similar in concept and execution to some of my current Paris favourites but cheaper (I think 25 euro for the menu although we spent a lot more on wine). Memorable stuff was a bright zingy salad of tender shredded squid and a really great magret, no fancy treatment, just nice product, beautifully-cooked and properly-rested before serving.