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Sep 8, 2013 06:11 AM

Bakeries/Coffee Shop for an overnight stay?

I never been to Montreal and I am staying at this fine city overnight because of work. I will be arriving to Montreal from NYC on Sunday afternoon (Sept 22) and leaving the next morning (around 8 AM) and I'll be staying at the Mariott Chateau Champlain.

My question to you all: What bakeries and/or coffee shop (think Third Wave similar to what I can have in NYC) that I can visit within this tight schedule and area? What should/could I bring back home?

Many thanks in advance!

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  1. Closest third wave coffee would be Cafe Myriade, which is perhaps a 10-minute walk from your hotel. For bakeries, there's O Plaisirs Gourmands, which is probably the best you will find downtown - while there are better, they are nowhere near where you will be.

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      Just to note, I think Myriade only opens at 8am, so if you want a coffee first thing, before you leave, you may have to try and pick one up on the way to the airport/train station etc

      1. re: unlaced

        True til recently, but now 7:15AM because hey why not.

        1. re: Anth

          Thanks for the update Anthony! I hope the OP will be able to drop by now before he/she needs to leave.

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        Thanks, cherylmtl (and others who replied prior to me, the OP)!

        Question (re: bakeries): I remember coming across Pâtisserie Olivier Potier on this board - is it good? Suggestions for a good Montreal bagel?

        Are there bakeries that is worth a cab ride (or take public transportation) for better bakeries around the area?

        Tangential question, are there any food stuffs (sweets and whatnot) I should purchase in Montreal? Where to buy that particular item(s)?

        Thanks again!

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          Olivier Potier is now O Plaisirs Gourmands, which I recommended earlier in this thread. Best Montreal bagels are on Fairmount or St. Viateur, about a 20 minute cab ride from where you're staying. And I believe they sell them at the airport as well, if you're flying out of Montreal.

          There is a thread from some time last year about food to buy in Montreal, if you do a search. However, depending on what time you get in, you may not have much time to buy anything, considering most stores close by 5 pm Sundays.

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            Trying to buy bagels at airport is iffy. They might be day old and they also are only available at certain take out places at the airport. Last time I was there I couldnt find who was selling them there. Best to swing by St. Viateur late at nightj or the Monkland location might be open early on Monday morning.

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            st viateur bagels is open 24hr a day

            1. re: chocokitty

              Fairmount bagels is also open 24hrs

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                Hmm... Maybe I'll get up early to pick up a few of their bagels then. Thank you, Shattered

          3. Side note but related to bakeries: Where could I find natas or Portuguese style custard tarts?

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              If you're zipping up to the Plateau for some smoked meat at Schwartz's or elsewhere, you can get natas at Coco Rico close by - 3907 St Laurent Blvd.

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                Downtown you'll find Natas at Café Vasco da Gama, on Peel st, a short walk from your hotel.

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                  If you are downtown and in a pinch you can go to the grocery store called PA on Fort street. They have them near the cheese; I forget where they get them from though. They are open until 11pm every night. On the 20 minute walk back to your hotel you could stop for a coffee at Myriade (it closes at 7pm though); its the best coffee downtown.

                2. If you don't want to venture out too far there's a new pastry shop, Christian Faure in Old Montreal that's getting great reviews, see the Montreal Gazette review below.



                  For good coffee, (I hate having to use the term Third Wave all the time) but yes I guess that's what it is.

                  Tunnel Bar in Place Ville Marie which is very close to your hotel, pick it up (its downstairs in the underground part) and sit outside on one of the benches outside. I think if you enter from the Royal Bank side it's right downstairs.


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                    Tunnel Bar won't be open Sunday, though.

                    1. re: JerkPork

                      Thanks for the suggestion, JerkPork.

                      I wish I had more time to stay in Montreal... There's so many places I want to eat!