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Sep 8, 2013 04:54 AM

October 2013 Cookbook of the Month Nomination Thread

Although we are just a week into SMOKE & PICKLES, it is time to start taking nominations for the October 2013 Cookbook of the Month (COTM). Please use this thread to discuss the books you would like to cook from in October. Indicate you are nominating a book by writing the title of the book in ALL CAPITALS.

This thread will be open until 7 pm Central Standard Time on Saturday, September 14. At that time the books with the most nominations will advance to the voting thread.

To view the basics of the COTM, and to see the books that have already had their day in the sun, please visit this link:

Which book will inspire our cooking next month? One with an autumnal feel like stews and braises? Or a book that takes us to a new country? The choices are limitless. Let the nominations begin!

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  1. Thanks BigSal. Because I'm a COTM bizzybody I'm just setting up a "come back" post.

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    1. re: Gio

      Grabbing a seat next to Gio. If I don't, I will loose track of this thread. :: passing Gio a Lemon Scone ::

      1. re: smtucker

        Oh goody. I love lemon scones. Thanks a bunch!

        1. re: Gio

          I'll perch here too and would love a glass from a bottle that LulusMom is popping.

          I will BE at home in October and aside from hosting Canadian Thanksgiving have no cooking plans. I might revisit that Holiday book talked a lot about last fall - Holliday Dinners with Bradley Ogden. But this is probably too early for most of you; we might look at it for November.

          It would be nice to cook some Japanese food in October:

          Is anyone interested?

          1. re: herby

            Some of us tried a few recipes from Japanese Hot Pots in a COTM companion thread. The results were tasty. I like the idea of Japanese food (or some other lighter cuisine) to counteract what I am making this month from Smoke & Pickles.

            1. re: herby

              would it be pushing my luck to add "japanese grilling" to the list....probably, since three books is a lot for one month... but I've been cooking a bit from "japanese grilling" the past few weeks, and there are lots of easy to make, and easy to incorporate into a non-japanese menu/meal, dishes in it, which makes it a good cross-over book for those who might not be so into japanese meals.

              1. re: qianning

                Q, why won't you nominate and we'll see what happens? I do not have the book but maybe my library does...

                1. re: herby

                  You know I have no idea what to nominate/second this month. There are at least a half a dozen books already mentioned in this thread that I'd love to cook from. A surfeit of riches really.

                  1. re: qianning

                    Me too! At this point I'm just waiting til the voting round so I can pick one then :)

                2. re: qianning

                  Are you refering to JAPANESE GRILL by Tadashi Ono? I had a look at the table of contents on Amazon and it looks really really good. Having lots of easy to make food is a real bonus in my eyes. I'll nominate it for you if you don't mind.

        2. I’ll be out of the country the first half of October and will be having guests who will want to be eating out almost immediately upon my return, so October will be a non-cooking month for me. Will want to follow the action, nonetheless, so just standing here in the doorway and listening in.

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          1. re: JoanN

            I'm in a similar boat. Out of the country, then have a visitor for 5 days. I may be able to join in the second half of the month though.

            1. re: LulusMom

              Grabbing a seat on the couch even though I'm also in the first half of October international travel club.

          2. Wow, how time flies! Thanks again BigSal.

            My travel schedule is in high gear now and like others, I too will be out of the country for most of October.

            For the time being I'm happy to join Gio, smtucker, Joan, LulusMom & alliegator on our comfy sofa. Oh and since it's almost lunchtime, I brought a couple of bottles of wine along.

   or white? What's your pleasure?

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            1. re: Breadcrumbs

              Thanks, I'll pass for now--it's 8:45 on my end of the couch. Where's everyone going and what do you plan to eat when you get there?

              1. re: Breadcrumbs

                Sunday mornings are for champagne, I think. I'll pop a bottle.

                Still researching what to eat on my trip AND what to feed my guest when he's here. My strongest guess is that he'll be happy with anything as long as there is plenty of beer.

              2. MINT TEA AND MINARETS by Kitty Morse,
                THE NEW PERSIAN KITCHEN by Louisa Shaif

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                1. re: jpr54_1

                  Is the book you have in mind The New Persian Kitchen by Louisa Shafia, JPR? It sounds alluring, and, it's indexed on EYB. The two recipes on Amazon look quite nice.



                  1. re: Gio

                    I've made that turmeric chicken and it is fantastic.

                    jpr54, what's your take on ingredients for Persian Kitchen? Can most of them be found in a regular well-stocked grocery store, with some of the spices needing to come from a spice shop? Or do you think having access to a middle eastern market is needed for the book? I'm interested in this, I'm just not so good with books that need a lot of specialty ingredients.

                    1. re: juliejulez

                      I don't think ingredients will be hard to find-
                      page 9 A Guide to Persian Ingredients

                      dried limes(middle eastern market)
                      ghee(Indian market
                      green herbs
                      rose wter/rose petals
                      tamarind(specialty item Kalustyan's, Grocery Thai-not sure but maybe available at Whole Foods)

                      page 189
                      Resources on line

                      cooking oils
                      whole grains and flours(most can be purchased at WholeFoods)

                    2. re: jpr54_1

                      I've had The New Persian Kitchen on my wishlist for quite some time but have always balked at the price tag for both new and used. Checked amazon and the price has gone down by$10! Hmmm....I'm very interested in this one....

                      ETA: Oops. Completely different book. I was thinking of The Food of Life by Najmieh Batmanglij (which would probably make a good cotm contender anyway.) Too many fictitious Sunday mimosas on the couch, perhaps?

                      1. re: Allegra_K

                        The Food of Life has been on my wishlist forever!

                      2. re: jpr54_1

                        THE NEW PERSIAN KITCHEN looks wonderful, and it seems to be readily available at my library as well, always a plus!

                        Some other books on my radar are:

                        My Bombay Kitchen, Nilafour Ichaporia King

                        Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, Marcella Hazan -- this was the very first COTM 7 years ago, but a lot of us weren't around then, and there is a lot left to explore in this wonderful book!

                        I'm also attracted to Japanese Farm Food and the Hakka Cookbook (both on my Amazon wishlist for a long time) but not ready to bite the bullet on those yet.

                        1. re: Westminstress

                          i'm a major fan of "my bombay kitchen". i think it is funny you have that book right below "the new persian kitchen", since Parsi food is such an interesting cross of Persian and Indian food. i confess, I like the Parsi food I've had better than either pure Persian or pure Gujarati food (bearing in mind that my experience with either is pretty limited, and i probably shouldn't be drawing conclusions....and would enjoy exploring a persian cooking focused month)

                          1. re: qianning

                            Bombay is in Maharashtra not Gujarat; this is where the bulk of Parsi population lives. The food is very different in India from state to state.

                            1. re: herby

                              Like I said, I shouldn't be drawing conclusions....

                              1. re: herby

                                Quianning is right to connect Gujarat and Parsi cooking, though.

                                Niloufer Ichiporia King, the author of My Bombay Kitchen, says that the Parsis (Zoroastrians who left Persia to avoid forced conversion to Islam) settled early on in Gujarat and only in the nineteenth century migrated to Bombay in large numbers, so that Gujarat retains a big influence on the cuisine.

                            2. re: Westminstress

                              I've just looked at this thread for the first time tonight, and share your enthusiasm for MY BOMBAY KITCHEN, which I have from the library right now.

                              If it's ever picked for a COTM, I've got my list of recipes to report on (some of which I'll be trying out very soon).

                          2. ALL ABOUT ROASTING by Molly Stevens - I've never seen this book, but given the quality of her braising book, I'd like to try it out.

                            MARCUS SAMUELSSON MONTH (THE SOUL OF A NEW CUISINE and AQUAVIT) - I see that The Soul of a New Cuisine has been a contender a few times, but has never quite made it. I'd like to suggest a slight twist by looking at two of Marcus Samuelsson's cookbooks. Aquavit is Swedish influenced and The Soul of a New Cuisine is African influenced. It doesn't look like COTM has ever covered Scandinavian food and African food has been limited to northern Africa. On the side, I'll recommend his memoir, "Yes, Chef" which is quite an interesting story.

                            I could also get behind THE NEW PERSIAN KITCHEN. I've only had Persian cuisine a couple of times and would love to learn more about it.

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                            1. re: stockholm28

                              All about Braising was one of the first COTMs, I think. You can see all the books that have already been COTMs by checking the link in the original post at the top. That said, please, if you cook from it, we'd all love to hear how things turn out for you. I love when old COTM threads pop up on my profile.

                              1. re: LulusMom

                                I'm suggesting "All about Roasting" not "All About Braising". It is a different book and it was published in 2011.

                              2. re: stockholm28

                                Would love for "All About Roasting" to be COTM. Have had it on my shelves for a while and could use an excuse to really get into it. I'll bet it would be a great choice for December since it has so many holiday type recipes. Really impressive selection of roasted chicken recipes, too, and plenty of fish, shellfish, and vegetable recipes as well.

                                1. re: stockholm28

                                  ALL ABOUT ROASTING sounds perfect for October