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Sep 7, 2013 11:18 PM

Bloody Mary, closest to Tiki Ti's

My wife and friends all agree that the best Bloody Mary they have ever had was Tiki Ti's version

I do not like bloody Mary's however I have been tasked with creating a great bloody mary for the Mrs and our friends, so where is a good starting recipe to begin with, it needs to be on the spicy side, number of ingredients does not matter, I don't mind putting time into it to make it the best ever

As the Rum Jungle (home bar's nickname) does not normally allow the unholy spirit of Vodka in it's domain, what is a decent vodka to use, Kirkland or Svedka seem to be decently priced most places, is there anything else I should use, I do not want to use anything flavored, wasn't sure if there was a better vodka based on what it was made from (base ingredient for the spirit) potato / grain / etc for bloody Mary's


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  1. gotta say it would never occur to me to order a bloody at the Tiki Ti...

    the basis of the best bloodies start a day or 2 ahead with a long steep of (YMMV vary on the exact ingredients and ratios) of onion, bay, lemon, horseradish and garlic in the tomato juice - I prefer plain V-8, but others prefer regular juice.

    obviously I never had one at the Tiki Ti so they may very well have a more tarted up base (ginger? lemongrass? I could see trying those).

    I wouldn't freak about the perfect vodka. in a drink whose mixer has such a presence, as long as the liquor isn't flammable is the most important part.

    1. Use gin instead of vodka. Or akavit.

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        I would assume a London Dry gin to stand up to all of the other flavors in there?

        I watched them make it at Tiki Ti but after the 10th plus thing they did to make it I gave up, there is a lot going on there - I did notice that he squeezed the juice out of an olive twice while making it

        1. re: Dapuma

          I've used both London Dry, as well as New Western gins many times. I haven't used vodka in years.

        2. re: JMF

          +1 on the "Danish Mary" a great combination of flavors IMO

          1. re: JMF

            Do you have a good base to start with so I can get a baseline for the flavor profile?

            Steeping for a few days should not be a problem

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              Sorry Dapuma.. you asked for a bloody mary and we started getting excited about a different drink. Last time we made "bloodies" we used tomato juice instead of V-8. It's lighter and crispier. To that we added horseradish, tabasco, worshetchirehoweveryouspellit sauce, fresh lime juice, ground black pepper, celery salt, dill. Letting it sit for a day definitely helps. Go easy on the lime since the tomato juice is already so acidic. I like to rim the glass with cajun spice (after dipping the rim in Vodka) and garnishing with celery and a spear with pepperoncinis (in US that's what we call them), radishes and jalapeno stuffed olives. If you can, an old bay steamed and chilled shrimp makes them perfect.

            2. re: JMF

              I used Aquavit once when we were out of vodka (heresy, I know), and now I'll never go back. The caraway flavor melds beautifully with the other ingredients in the mix.

              1. re: Christina D

                Since I read JMF's reco the other day, I have been looking forward to trying this as it sounds like it will be great, just haven't had a chance yet. It will also give me something to do with the bottle of Aalborg I have had sitting around about 80% full for quite a while now.

                1. re: ncyankee101

                  I find akavit with its caraway and other herbs, plays well with other herbs, especially celery seed. I like to use plain tomato juice and let celery seed and 1-2 other herbs steep overnight. Then I like to add lemon juice and Worcestershire, but actually go easy on hot sauce or spice, then use the akavit to make a Bloody Mia.

            3. I was trying to find the recipe and found a pic of the Bloody Tiki from Tiki Ti.

              1. Should I let the Bay Leaf soak in the Tomato Juice overnight?

                per 8oz of tomato juice or per can (I cannot stand tomato juice I have no idea how many oz per can) how much horseradish / tabasco/ Worchester / lime / pepper / celery salt / dill - should there be in there as a baseline test, then I can adjust from there

                I think this is going to be a trial and error type thing, however I don't really have a "jumping off point" so to speak

                I think tomato juice would be better, I can add thickeners if I desire later versus V-8

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                1. re: Dapuma

                  While I like V-8, I don't in Bloody Mary's. It confuses the issue. Bay might not infuse into tomato juice that well, but let it infuse in the spirit just overnight and I bet it would be great.

                  1. re: JMF

                    are bitters going to come into play at all in a bloody mary or is there already so much else going on that the flavor will get lost?

                    1. re: Dapuma

                      Bitters can be pretty potent and work well in a Bloody Mary. I've used several types and 2-3 dashes is just enough for it to round it out without being overwhelming.