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Sep 7, 2013 09:21 PM

Have your tastes changed over time ?

I'm not that into spicy food any more.I used to love it. Now it just burns and I can't taste the food.Sweets are on the decline.I still like salty.Have your tastes for sweet,sour,salty,or spicy foods changed over time ?

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  1. I've learned what I do and do not like as I've gotten older. I realized a few years ago that I don't like soy sauce. I don't mind cooking with it, as long as I can't taste it.
    I like spicy tastes, but it really burns my mouth now, so I go for mild on the heat.
    Salty used to be my least favorite flavor, but I'm liking a bit of salt with sweet now.

    1. Yes, absolutely! Time has brought knowledge in all thing but especially food and wine.

      1. Every once in a while I get re-acquainted with something I loved years ago and that taste is almost always a letdown. I'm sure it has something to do with romanticizing the past and having unrealistic expectations but I also fear that my senses are dulling or something.

        I wrote a post a few years ago that an iced cold domestic beer used to taste good to me when I was younger and now it tastes sort of soapy.. "off", less bright, less refreshing.

        I know it's just stupid yankee beer, and it's not exactly supposed to taste great, but it couldn't have changed that much. I must have changed.

        1. I've suffered a permanent loss of much of my tasting ability - a persistent, chronic vasomotor rhinitis that led to years of frequent nose-blowing. I recently read that this will remove the top layer of olfactory sensors … and that they don't grow back. By the time I read that it had already happened. Of course I still enjoy food, and can taste a lot of the flavors I love, but with most of the more delicate aroma sensors gone I've lost much of the finer edge I used to have. In other words, if I had any dreams of becoming a sommelier, I'd need to forget them …

          There are upsides. My lifelong dislike of sweet custard has ended; the sensors that equated the combination of cooked egg and sugar with burnt hair are no longer on the job. I think I could even enjoy some of that bread pudding with which my mom repeatedly tortured me almost 70 years ago (because, as a mother of small children, she was allowed unlimited ration stamps for milk, bread, eggs and sugar). However, I'm afraid durian is still off the menu; my sense of smell isn't THAT bad!

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            That's very interesting. I also have horrible sinuses and constant nose blowing. I also have lost much of my sense of smell. I didn't relate them.

            I just always thought I was vaguely schizophrenic... ; >


          2. My sweet tooth seems to have vanished nearly entirely. Desserts other cheese and fruit hold zero appeal these days. I should probably be happy about it, really.

            With spicy foods, if I am not eating them regularly, my tolerance for the heat diminishes quite rapidly - I go in cycles of higher heat-tolerance when I am cooking more spicy dishes.