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Sep 7, 2013 08:28 PM

Erawan or BKNY for Thai Food

Which is preferred Erawan or BKNY for Thai food in Queens.
We have to stick to the Bayside/Whitestone area. So Sripraphai is not an option. Hopefully one of these two places are good. These are the two we narrowed it down to. CH'ers opinions please.

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  1. BKNY, especially the steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf, the sauce is addictive and fish is stuffed with fragrant herbs. Between the two the food is better at BKNY.

    The curries at BKNY are not as good as you'd get at Sripraphai but acceptable. Where BKNY shines are the dishes that you can't get at Sripraphai, particularly their specials. I had a great braised short rib dish there. That being said, I do feel that BKNY isn't as good as it was years ago. The steamed fish dish used to be bursting with herbs, now less so. Their crab fried rice is always a crowd pleaser.

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    1. re: Pookipichu

      Thanks for the info. How is their spice level? Are the staff Thai people?
      Also, have you tried Erhawan?
      I was reading another post you put up and saw you had BKNY and Sri listed, so I am happy you replied to this.
      I trust your opinion, based on many other posts you've done.

      1. re: foodwhisperer

        The staff from my visits are Thai and the clientele is mostly Thai and Chinese. As for heat, nothing I've ordered has been spicy. The red curry barely has any heat. If you're looking for heat, you'll probably need to request a Thai pepper condiment tray. The food tends to be on the mild side. Flavor wise, some of their dishes are packed with flavor. The steamed striped bass in banana leaves has been a knockout in the past.

        1. re: Pookipichu

          I will order the fish in banana leaf for sure. I'll just add my own spice to whatever I think needs it. I was just asking but I think "thai spicy" is overrated, as everything in Thailand is not spicy.
          I do hope the chef is Thai as they know the right taste.

    2. Erawan is more of an Asian fusion restaurant so I would suggest BKNY if you are looking for something closer to real Thai. Erawan is very tasty but also very expensive. BKNY is more reasonably priced and less heavy on the sugar that I find plagues most Asian fusion restaurants.

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      1. re: wolmania

        +1 I haven't been back to Erawan in many years, my white friends used to love it but I think BKNY is better. That being said, Sripraiphai is much easier to get to because it's close to the subway so I hardly go to BKNY unless I'm craving certain dishes they make. They do marinated meats well and fish.

        1. re: Pookipichu

          Went to BKNY. They didn't have the striped bass in banana leaf, but it is still on the menu. The Red Snapper ( whole fish) was very good. We had both the basil one and the chili variety.
          The fish was fresh, and cooked perfectly. The curry puffs were the best I've had anywhere. They were fresh made and not frozen. The red curry dish and the massoman were just ok. The spare rib appetizer was bad, the meat tough no taste. The satay beef was good. The mango salad was delicious. I had to add my own heat to it, because some members of my party didn't want spicy. The waiter asked for our desired spice level on most dishes. The medium was not hot at all. The mild was certainly mild. The side sauces that were meant to be spicy were very spicy. The nam pla ( I had to ask for) it was very good. The eggplant dish was good too. The ambiance was beautiful. Very nice place. The wait staff and manager/owner were all Thai people. The service was pretty good, with lapses at times.

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. If you go back, I think you'll like the bass in banana leaf. Curries unfortunately are a weak point for them.