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Aug 16, 2004 11:31 AM

Tea/Afternoon Tea

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Anyone know of a good place for afternoon tea? apart from Adolphus and Lady Primrose. I'd like to find some places that aren't as stuck up.

Any good tea shops around anywhere as well??


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  1. The Cultured Cup is a small retail teashop on East of the Tollway Beltline in the same center as ChamberlainÂ’s Steakhouse. While they do not serve tea, they do have a small setup in the back where they can brew up samples and they periodically hold seminars about tea and about how to host teas. They have a very large selection of loose-leaf teas and the store's owners are well educated and passionate about what they sell. (I once asked the owner where I could find clotted cream, and he immediately started describing to me how to make it at home).

    They also have a small, but very nice (and unique) selection of teapots, cups, and other accessories. (Much of their selections seems to be made of unique things have picked-up here and there). When I need to purchase a gift for one of our more tea oriented members of the family, they have been very helpful and enthusiastic in assisting me put together a nice assortment.

    Their website is

    As far as good places for afternoon go, I have no clue where to go besides the stuck-up places to which I have never been. I once took my wife and kids to a "tea" place on Mother's Day in an antique mall and we were shocked to find that they only served one kind of herbal tea and no green or black teas. They found it odd we would ask for tea. Apparently nobody orders tea there.

    A year after the Mother's day fiasco, we started preparing our own tea for her on Mother's Day. The food turns out good and it provides a good excuse to purchase tea paraphernalia throughout the year.

    1. I know of 2 tea rooms in Dallas... one is Maudee's, but i don't know where it is or what it's like, except that i make some of their scones and i know those are good. The other is the Renaissance Garden Cafe, which is on lovers lane somewhere between Inwood and 75 (i believe it is closer to the former). I haven't been, but i read some fantastic reviews and hope to try it out sometime soon.

      1. I love afternoon tea! It is sad that Lady Primrose has now shut down because I thought that it was more of a homey, cozy setting. I agree with you that the Adolphus is um... kinda a stiff place to relax and have tea, so hopefully you can try one of these alternatives and have better luck. As someone mentioned, Maudee's is a nice place for tea. Very comfortable and fairly decent sandwiches and tarts, plus probably one of the best prices for tea that you will find. The Renaissance Garden Tea room is closed now. I thought the food was awesome, especially the scones (I base how good the tea is largely on the scones). I LOVE the Arboretum for Tea. Very nice setting, good food, awesome scones, but the price is $30 (parking and entrance to park is included) and it is only available around Christmas and the Dallas Blooms. I recently went to the Grand Lux at the Galleria for an afternoon tea and it was really, very good, except you only get one choice of tea and it isn't poured through the strainer! Good price, excellent scones and if you like lemon curd, this place has some really good stuff. I've tried La Duni and Lavendou for tea, but didn't like either. I've heard that they have tea at Arlington Hall at Lee Park, but never tried it b/c you have to have a party of 8 or more. They seem to have a lot of different options for your tea menu though. I also think that City Cafe off of Lovers at the Tollway has tea, but I haven't tried it yet. Good luck and I hope this helps someone.
        Oh,also the Chocolate Angel Tea Room in Richardson, but I haven't made it there either.

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          My parents go to the Chocolate Angel Tea Room, and love it...

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            This is right up my alley..I'm still upset that Inessa Stewart dropped their tea!

            I do enjoy The Chocolate Angel in Richardson. It's a bit more of a casual ladies' lunch sort of place.

            My favorite place is "Petite Fours: A Bakery" in Dallas. It's in UpTown. There are teas already listed for each part of the tea. However, you can request a different tea up front. Quaint room, really good food, and nice service. The scones are quite small, I'll warn you. But, they are really good!

            I'm not a fan of Maudee's. I think this is because I'm a chicken salad fanatic and don't care for theirs.

            There are a few days left for the Spring Tea at the Arboretum. If you have time, that's a nice place to go for tea.

            As for a tea shop, I agree that The Cultured Cup is the place to go.

            Let us know where you go and what you think!

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              My friends and I tried Petit Fours a couple of weeks ago. It was good, but the scones were sub par. Too dense. Otherwise, a very nice experience. We weren't rushed at all and we sat there for over 2 hours enjoying tea. Also, I got a petit four to go and it was delicious!

          2. Has anyone ever been to Arlington Hall at Lee Park? I'm not sure, but I think that I heard that it is run by the person who did the tea's at Lady Primrose. I hope that I am giving accurate info. Here is the website, it looks like it has a wide variety of tea menu's.

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              Any updates on good afternoon/high tea places in Dallas? The Petit Fours place in uptown seems to be closed.

              The Rosewood Hotel offers one on weekends for $25 - has anyone tried it before? I'm looking for a place that isn't too "feminine" as my companion will be a male, and preferably somewhere with excellent scones and friendly, attentive service.

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                Same discussion, different thread:


                This may give you a few more ideas.