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Sep 7, 2013 06:11 PM

Goat or Lamb meat? Where can I get in South Dade?

I like to do a lot of Indian and Caribbean cooking. I am looking for a reasonable local supplier of goat or lamb (Preferably goat). I am in the Cutler Bay area. Are there any local butchers who provide this meat for around a $5/lb price point or less?

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  1. Plenty of lamb to be had at Publix and Walmart. Expensive though but sometimes on sale.

    1. Not exactly where you want to go but, Hellas Import in Hollywood will sell you an entire lamb. Not sure if they will cut it up for you give them a call. They will also rent you a china grill if you want to cook it whole!

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        What!?? That is awesome to know for a special event.

      2. These folks sell fresh goat meat - not quite in Miami. Maybe they know a shop closer to the Miami area or look for other Halal butchers in your area.

        1. Western Beef has goat but they are in Pembroke pines