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Sep 7, 2013 05:46 PM

Venice Eats

Will be going to Venice next summer...have been there before....would like a suggestion for a special dinner....not necessarily expensive but really good...seafood would be a plus.Thanks!!

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  1. It would be well worth your while to take 10-15 minutes to scroll down thru the recent threads. Dining in Venice gets discussed here quite often.

    Here is a current thread on where to have a "special dinner" in Venice:

    1. Alle Testiere is really special for great seafood.
      Fiascheterria Toscana feels more "special" more fine dining-ish.

      Take DavidT's advice and check around the other Venice threads.

      1. Next summer being 2014? There is plenty of time to search through all the recent posts on Venice. And who knows, might be a couple of new options by then. No getting around it, except for anchovies, sardines and bland farmed fish, "really good...seafood tend to be on the expensive side.