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Sep 7, 2013 05:19 PM

Columbus area Thai, Indian and Japanese

We just moved here from Boston and are missing being able to walk to delicious Thai, Indian and Japanese. We tried Bahn Thai Bistro this week and felt like it was okay...

We're in Upper Arlington - don't imagine that we'll find any of those in our actual neighborhood, but it would be lovely!

Thanks for your ideas.

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  1. We've been here a while and are still working on these, but here are some places we like.

    Akai Hana for Japanese. We only ever get sushi here, but everything else looks delicious. Best sushi in Columbus.

    We also like Sushi Bistro Masa in Dublin. Again, we tend to get sushi, but the Japanese and Korean heavy clientele orders from throughout the menu. (We see lovely bowls of noodles and other goodies.)

    For Indian, we like Aab in Grandview and Amul India in Dublin. Neither is as wonderful as what we were used to in DC, but both are tasty. Aab tends to go overboard on the ghee, which can be good or bad. We have friends who swear by Taj Majal near OSU, but we haven't made it there yet. There are also two dosa places that we have not yet managed to try.

    I understand that the best Thai is found around refugee road.

    We've tried Basil and Nida's in the Short North. Neither is bad, but neither is particularly exciting. We liked Thai Orchid in Powell, but since moving further from there we haven't been back. I wouldn't rave about any of these. is a great resource for your more off-the-radar spots, which is where I believe the good Thai is hiding.

    Keep us posted on what you find!

    1. I agree on the sushi recommendations of nc213. Akai Hana is great and a nice atmosphere. Also, Tensuke Express that's attached to the Japanese grocery store behind Akai Hana (Kenny/Old Henderson) has great Japanese food in a fast casual environment. Sometimes in the summer they even have an okonomiyaki cart outside.

      Sher-E-Punjab in the same shopping center and Dosa Corner on the other side of Kenny have very good Indian food. I haven't tried Aab yet but have heard it's great. That little Kenny Center shopping Center right by Upper Arlington has a lot of interesting places. I didn't like the Thai there so much but it's been a few years since I've tried it.

      Also, I like Taj Mahal on High Street north of OSU campus for Indian.

      1. I agree with what everyone else has said. I live by Akai Hana, so I am spoiled. They have great Hamachi Kama there. And Tensuke market occasionally carried them as well which is nice since I like to make them at home as well.

        Kihachi by Sawmill also has the whole tuna collar, but it's hard to get in and definitely not cheap.

        Thai, yep Refugee road, I call it little Thai town. But... the little market there is a little scary (loose on hygiene of store).

        Did not like Banana Leaf on Bethel, or rather it didn't like me.

        Like Pho Chef on 161, but Mi Li's on the East side has the best Bhan Mi's.

        Korean, I like Min-Ga for non-grilled at table Korean and San-Su for the grills.