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Sep 7, 2013 03:36 PM

Rio de Janeiro - anything new that we shouldn't miss?

We're heading back to Rio soon. First trip since May 2012. We're staying in central Copacabana, about three blocks from the Metro. The last trip we stayed super busy with personal business so it's been a while since we've just gone wherever. Any place that you recommend? We tend to hang with the locals and eat simple foods but we've enjoyed a couple of good meals in Leblon. Also any place that you highly recommend for feijoada. We prefer the buffet style and have been frequent visitors to The Deck on Av. Atlantica. It had stopped serving buffet style but their website looks like perhaps they are again. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Volta at Jardim Botanico is definitely a place to check. I had a great meal there a couple of weeks ago. My favorite was the palmito pupunha appetizer and the guava and cheese dessert. The service is really friendly and the chef used to work at Brasil a Gosto in SP which is one of my favorite places in Brasil. It is not cheap but with the current dollar rate it is not too bad.
    The place is really new, about one month or so, and there was some delays in the kitchen but people are so friendly that it didn't really matter.

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      Just returned yesterday, dagnabbit :) But we go every year so will check it out next year. Haven't been to the Jardim Botanico in six or so years since we're usually there in their fall/summer.

      And, yes, that exchange rate was quite pleasant, thank you very much.

    2. I know you said you already got back, but if you haven't tried Roberta Sudbrack it's definitely one of the top places to grab a meal in all of Brazil. I also adore Espirito Santa (in Santa Teresa) - the chef is Amazonian and she does her own twist on Brazilian classics like moqueca, acarajé - she even does mini feijoada rolls, though I prefer her collard green rolls with vatapá and her grilled namorado fish (and the maracatú dessert with cupuaçu is incredible)

      The Botequim Informal chains have surprisingly good Feijoada for a really good price. Zuka (in leblon) is also interesting contemporary cuisine.

      If you're willing to trek out a bit:
      Aconchega Carioca is a real local's foodie place, very good. I also liked Adego Timao (out in the old town/downtown) for their octopus and Novela Capela (in Lapa) has excellent goat.

      If you're interested, my boyfriend and I actually made a video about our favorite dishes at espírito santa and interviewed the chef (Natacha Fink) -

      I'm jealous you get to go back to Brazil every year! If you ever make it to SP there are some phenomenal restaurants there (Like Brasil a Gosto as Toot mentioned, but our all time favorite restaurant in Brazil is the somewhat newly opened Attimo...



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        Wow. Thanks for ALL of this info. Definitely places I'd not heard of but will check out. I appreciate your taking the time to do this.