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Sep 7, 2013 03:31 PM

Mexican brunch

Does anyone have any recent thoughts for Mexican breakfast/brunch?

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    1. Milagro does a decent Mexican-ish brunch.

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      1. re: piccola

        Whats "ish" about their brunch? The menu items are as typical as any other mexican brunch I've seen.

        I'm not a huge fan of their regular menu but I have to say I think Milagro brunch is fantastic. The Chilaquiles are extraordinarily good, as are the black beans and the churros.

        The drinks remain outrageously overpriced.

        1. re: bobbob911

          I was just alluding to the fact that whenever anyone mentions Milagro here, there's usually someone else who complains that it's not authentic. It's still tasty.

      2. I haven't tried it yet but El Catrin at the Distillery has a brunch menu.

        1. For very authentic then it's Tenoch on St. Clair and Oakwood. Huveos con jamón just as they're made in Mexico. Chilaquiles, yum! Nothing fancy and nothing particularly "brunch". Just excellent food all around.

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          1. re: foodinspace

            Thank you all! I'm particularly interested in trying Tenoch - my favourite breakfast in Mexico was at a local restaurant along the side of the highway which I could never possibly find again (I was travelling between cities for work).

            1. re: FrenchSoda

              What was the unforgettable breakfast you had in Mexico? My faves were: a pozole rojo, birria de chivo and barbacoa de borrego. I'd kill to find good versions of any of these in the GTA.

              1. re: 1sweetpea

                Embarassingly enough, I don't actually know! Partly because my Spanish is almost non-existent but mostly because the food was ordered for the table and I'm not familiar enough with the actual local cuisine to have specifically recognized much other than the churros and the delicious warm tortillas. I'd love to start to try to find anything similar though and thought I'd give it a shot.

                1. re: 1sweetpea

                  interesting....i will keep that in mind the next time i need to have some business "taken care of".

                  - khao san road

                  1. re: KhaoSanRoad

                    LOL - the warehouse management and inventory review portion went very well. Just not as exciting as the the food!

                  2. re: 1sweetpea

                    I've never had goat birria for breakfast! Maybe as a hangover cure :) For what its worth, its almost fool proof to make it yourself.

              2. I would choose El Trompo (Kensington) over Milagro.