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Did anyone try the Ramen Burger in Torrance today?

I'm pretty bummed out that I work while the burger is being served. For anyone who tried it, what was the verdict

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  1. Social media reporting 3-4 hour waits wtf???

    1. ridiculous


      "Shimamoto only planned on serving 500 burgers in Torrance on Saturday, although a rough count from his team estimated 1,200 people were in line. He'll be at Osawa in Pasadena on Sunday with 300 more. "

      1. Why would ANYONE want to eat that?

        1. 3-4 hour wait? Sounds like an idiot tax.

          1. The burger looks disgusting.

            1. Tomorrow, they will serving it in Pasadena... an even smaller number of burgers sadly...

              I will say, I too am intrigued. I LOVE Japanese Hamburg steak. It's so hard to get a good one... his looks excellent even without the Ramen topping...

              --Dommy !

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                I wonder how much like a typical Japanese hanbaagaa this will taste like, Dommy. Likely it will be quite different.

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                  Keizo Shimamoto (of goramen, bassanova) is making them, he really has a passion for it and ran a ramen shop in japan so I hope he was able to make something really good.

                  Unfortunately, I am bz this weekend, so I cannot try.

                  It's something interesting, though not really new, not understanding the negativity from the other posters.

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                    I think the LA Times started the snark since it compared it to a Cronut. But Noodle/Rice Wrappers have been used all through out Asia... A ramen noodle bun really isn't THAT much of a streach or useless as people seem to beleive...


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                      It is really not much different from the pressed rice "bun" that MosBurger has used for years in their rice-burgers. In any case, it would be unrealistic to expect anything close to a Japanese style hamburger steak. Rather, I would expect something something more like an American burger ensconced in a bun made of ramen noodles. What is interesting are the possibilities of burger toppings from both US burgers and bowls of Japanese ramen. In any case, no snark intended at all from here.

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                  What is your favorite place for hamburg? It is a favorite of mine and there are no good ones that I know of in Torrance(of course I am Willing to travel)

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                    If you aren't looking for a burger with bun then I am partial to the hamburger set that they do at Tamatebako on Western in Torrance. They offer various sauces, like demiglace and wafu (among others) and it's served with a nice medley of vegetables and an egg on a sizzling platter. Pretty darn tasty.

                    Here is a photo of one on Yelp https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&a...

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                        Thanks for the rec! I haven't tried it here or at Wakasan, which only has it for lunch with good reviews...


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                        My favorite place used to be Sawtelle Kitchen... RIP. My current favorite is at Curry Hyang in Korea Town. Today I had a pretty nice version at Isa Ramen also in Koreatown. Lately Koreatown has really been hitting the right Japanese Comfort food notes...


                    1. i wish i knew (not even on mitsuwa's fb). i would have gone. beats the heat in the valley

                      1. I suppose this makes sense. Ramen in Japan compares well to burgers in the US as a food icon that ranges from great to horrible. And new versions ALWAYS attract the curiosity of people.

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                              Brings back memories (nightmares?) of my Disneyland "Haunted Mansion" daze...

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                                does anyone know what the ingredients were? i'm just going to cook it at home.

                                1. re: raizans

                                  There are a number of You Tube videos on how to make one

                              2. Is this for real? WTF 3-4 hour wait... Idiot tax indeed!

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                                  Pass. No food is worth that wait. Plus it didn't even look that good.