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Sep 7, 2013 11:49 AM

Asheville, one dinner:Admiral or Seven sows?

Have got lunches lined up but were looking for one special (casual dress) dinner. Had got recs for Curate as well, but just did Jaleo in DC and thought it might be similiar.

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  1. I'd choose Seven Sows. The food is excellent and they are downtown so you can walk off your meal.

    1. I ate at both on a visit to Asheville earlier this summer. You really can't go wrong either way, but I would give the nod to Admiral. In any case, plan on a return trip to enjoy the other.

      1. Admiral Hands Down
        I think Seven Sows is too heavy on fatty meats and pork and anything unhealthy in this trend to crap
        Just a take from a retired Cardiologist

        1. Had dinner at Curate Sunday. It is not traditional like Jaleo. It is one extraordinary plate after another. Not all typically Spanish. Skewered lamb with moroccan seasonings was so outstanding we ordered it twice. Pequillo peppers fried and topped with shaved bonito were unbelievable. It was a meal to remember. If you don't go to Curate, you're really missing something special. Sit at the bar. Watch the chefs do their thing. Have some freshly made Sangria. Share the patatas bravas with the people sitting next to you. I promise you a very special evening.

          1. I ate at both this past weekend with an out-of-town friend. You can't go wrong with either, but I would still give Admiral a slight advantage for being both more continental (escargot, bone marrow, etc.) and more ethnic (pork buns, crab carbonara, etc.)