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Sep 7, 2013 10:46 AM

Vote: CH Cart Picks for PDX - Fall 2013

Hey Portland CH'ers!

My last trip was a blast ( ) and I'm back in town to do some research for a book (!!!). On the Toronto board, we've done a round up of our top 10 by calling out our top 3 and tallying up the votes:


Now, I wanted to do something similar (way less formal, more of a snapshot) for Portland's food carts.

For my research, it's so that I get some corroboration that my current list of carts isn't missing something and more to the point, are there carts that I should take a better look at? Nong's, PDX671, Tiffin Asha, Viking Soul Food, Fish Box, Dosirak, Eurotrash, and Cacklacks are among my short-list right now, though the entire list is at 60.

If you're interested, list your top picks (up to three) below. Voting closes on Friday, September 13, 2013 at 11:59 PM PST. I'll tally up and share the results on Saturday morning!

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  1. Give Pizza A Chance
    Cargi Gogo

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    1. re: Leonardo

      Just had Cargi Gogo today (awesome). And I can't wait to try Okinoshima.

      What's your pick at Give Pizza A Chance?

    2. If you eat breakfast, these are a great top 3 carts for breakfast (in order of my preference):

      The Egg Carton
      Fried Egg I'm in Love

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      1. re: JillO

        Oooh. I don't have Fried Egg on my list! Thank you!

      2. We haven't had the best luck with carts on our five trips to Portland in the last year and a half. Would go back to Guero and to PDX671 though.

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        1. re: grayelf

          Thanks grayelf! Been hearing good things about both and look forward to them!

        2. Viking Soul
          Built To Grill
          People's Pig
          Fuego de Lotus

          It's a tough question... many of my favorite carts are my favorite carts because of the people who run them and the comfort aspect of having had the same good food over and over again... feel that way about a lot of the carts at the 10th and Alder spot especially: Altengartz, Mai Pho, Frying Scotsman, Samauri, 808 Grindz... some of my favorite carts, but none of them make a dish that's going to necessarily blow a visitor away or make you feel like "Wow! That was an amazing meal!", know what I mean?

          I like the idea of a list, but I think you might have a better time if you hit some pods and just let your nose guide you...

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          1. re: jonoropeza

            Totally agree about Mai Pho on that count. Samurai used to be a lot better.

            1. re: Leonardo

              Yeah, I noticed that about Samauri. They haven't had Takoyaki lately either... always liked to take an order of their Takoyaki down to Bailey's Taproom for a late afternoon snack-n-drink.

          2. So since there were only a few voters, top picks that got more than one vote (I voted too) are:

            - Cargi Gogo
            - Guero
            - The Egg Carton

            Everything else (1 vote):

            - Built To Grill
            - Fried Egg I'm in Love
            - Give Pizza A Chance
            - Okinoshima
            - PDX671
            - People's Pig
            - Viking Soul
            - Yolk

            - Fuego de Lotus (I think this is no longer a cart?)

            And there you are! I voted for the top three - so ultimately, I guess I was the swing vote! Still need to try quite a few of these, but a good chunk are coming up in the next couple days.

            There's always a difference between what you eat because it's convenient (primary factor) and good. Or what you eat because it's just good (and everything else is secondary). Comes into play when you're recommending a place to out-of-towners, so I appreciate the distinction!