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Sep 7, 2013 10:16 AM

The All-Mighty Condiment

BBQ tempts you
The lingering smoke, the meat
Ssamjang's the true goal

I'm not always in the mood for eating something- a falafel sandwich, Korean bbq- but I am much more likely to crave the condiments that go with those, or other dishes.

But what's a condiment? Sometimes you'd see a hummus sandwich on offer, but hummus is just as welcome on falafel or köfte. The closest ketchup gets to being the main attraction is Campbell's tomato soup, but that's an insult to ketchup, to be sure. Maoz has a few things I'd be glad to have by their lonesome.

In any event, do you ever want to eat something solely to serve as a vehicle for the extras? Have you tried say, wasabi or kaymak with tacos or scones, respectively?


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    1. Good mayonnaise.
      Scotch bonnet hot sauce.
      Compound butter.
      Hollandaise & béarnaise.
      Tzatziki & that fab garlic sauce for döner kebab.

      1. Nuoc Cham!! Absolutely an amazing condiment (vietnamese). Its sweet, sour, funky, salty, acidic. It goes well over salad, vermicelli noodle salad, soup, and even over some mussels. It also makes a great dipping sauce. I got the recipe from the exec chef (Karen) at Boston's Myers&Chang (great restaurant BTW). That condiment is a hit at all my dinner parties. Definitely a must try, if you haven't done so already.

        1. My dad would sometimes make sandwiches from leftover gravy.

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            I'm with your dad! I think cold gravy is as excellent on a turkey sandwich or a pot roast sandwich as it is on the hot entree for exactly the same reasons. It really moistens up a sandwich as well.

            If it's a turkey sandwich I also put spread some cranberry sauce on the other slice. ; >

          2. La bomba. I love it on bread or grilled cheese. Sooooo good.

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            1. re: Gloriaa

              What is La Bomba? Forgive my ignorance.

              1. re: HungryBaby

                It is an Italian condiment made with Calabrian peppers, mushrooms, eggplant....the one I like the best is from tuttocalabria and the name of the sauce is hot spread sauce. I've always called it la bomba! I have tried all of the ones I could find and this one is my favorite. You have to try it, it really is the best condiment ever!

                1. re: Gloriaa

                  A condiment with eggplant that's not baba ghanouj? I've gotta try that! What kind(s) of mushrooms?