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Sep 7, 2013 08:45 AM

Good Italian in Warwick area

Sorry for last minute request, spending the night in Warwick Rhode Island, sending our daughter off to Johnson and Wales. Looking for good Italian between here and Providence, accommodate 11 people, liquor a plus, not too fancy as some of us are in shorts. Not pizza places please. Thanks!

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  1. San Vivaldo Trattoria serves up some of the best Italian I've ever had. It's a simple place with seating for maybe 25 people, run by chef Alfie a native of Tuscany. Be forewarned there is no written menu, the chef will simply read off of a list of what he has fresh that night. I normally tell him to surprise me and have never been disappointed. Since you have a party of 11 I would call ahead, but the place is never very busy unfortunately (West Warwick is not exactly a haven for foodies).