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Sep 7, 2013 06:54 AM

NEW Roadside SMOKED BBQ Rt 571 Jackson NJ

I was riding along and to my surprise I started to smell BBQ......
suddenly I see this NEW BBQ setup right in a farm field clearing on Rt 571 in Jackson...WOW!

The menu looks great and the owner you can see off to the right side of the rig is smoking the meats right in front of you also!

it's about a half mile before Stump Tavern rd / Bowman rd.intersection on 571 going west bound.

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  1. Heading to Great Adventure today, is it near there?

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    1. re: jethro

      Jethro it's about a half mile before stump tavern rd / Bowman rd.. intersection on 571 going west bound.

      1. re: Tapas52

        Hello, the address that you can put into your GPS is:

        Taste of Smoke BBQ
        747 Toms River Rd
        Jackson, NJ 08527

        1. re: TasteofSmokeBBQ

          Wow, that looks like a pretty sweet rig you have there Rory. Does Myron sponsor the company? Just wondering how you got his picture up there....pretty neat stuff!

          1. re: corvette johnny

            Myron, and the Mixon family are very dear friends of ours; he has really been very instrumental in all of my BBQ knowledge and training. I am a member of his competition team, and he has mentored me and been very helpful with the birth of Taste of Smoke. Though Myron and Jacks Old South does not have any type of franchising, he is very nice to agree to allow me to wrap the rig as you see it as a way to present the Taste of Smoke name.

            1. re: TasteofSmokeBBQ

              Awesome, thanks for the info. Myron is a cool guy and obviously knows his stuff!

    2. Went today. Nice find Tapas.

      Very nice people there with real smoke and good sauces.

      A bit out of the way for me and some picnic tables would have been nice, but good, honest food.

      Was about ten mins from GA and outlets there btw jethro.

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      1. re: seal

        Seal...glad you had a chance to try the BBQ there....maybe in time he will get some outside tables until it gets cold..meanwhile its a kool addition to Jacksons backroads for your BBQ cravings as there is nothing around here for that. I wonder how long they will stay at this location as that big expensive rig could roll away at a moments notice...?

        1. re: seal

          Hello thank you for the kind words Seal.

          We would love to have some tables, it was actually in our master plan to have tables with umbrellas, and in the winter to have a larger tent with sides with the portable heaters.....BUT!!! The town rules state that since our lic: is a MOBILE food vendor, we are not allowed to have these tables. Believe me, once you see our operation, you will understand that this would not have gone overlooked if the opportunity was there Hope to see you soon.

        2. We have stopped there twice the first time they said it was new and they didn't have food and they weren't ready yet. Ok we thought we will come back. The end of the next week we returned heading home from work starving and we stop. This time we stood there for 10 minutes without being acknowledged and when it was time for us to order we decided to just order containers of pulled pork to take home with us and that was too much for the staff to handle. They stated they don't have weights and measures n asked us if we wanted a platter. Why would you even be open for business without accomodating the customer, who is always right!!! Then they couldn't figure out how to sell sandwiches and platters without sides. If you are not prepared then don't open for business. People have enough stress throughout the week to deal with. All we wanted was sum takeout bbq and apparently that was too much to ask from a roadside bbq truck.

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          1. re: wadd666

            After reading about this BBQ truck here on Chowhound, I decided to drive out there from Freehold yesterday (Sunday) and get some lunch.

            I arrived at the location at approximately 1:45 PM and it was deserted / closed up / no one around. Should've probably checked first although I'm not sure how....couldn't find a website and the phone # got chopped off in the preview picture (later on I found if I clicked on the thumbnail photo, you could read more of the phone # but still can't be sure what the last digit is...also a website URL "" is in the picture in small type but when I go to it in my browser, nothing happens).

            However I would've fully expected that they'd be serving customers on a beautiful weather sunny 80 degree Sunday afternoon in early September. Too bad, by the time I got out there I had a real taste for some BBQ :-( Not angry, just very disappointed. Are they actually open for business or not ?

            Meanwhile, I guess it's back to Local Smoke in Neptune :-)

            1. re: bakersma

              We are sorry you are disappointed but We are closed Sunday and Monday. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 11:00am - 6:00pm... Thursday 11;00am - 8:00pm and Saturday 11:00am - 3:00pm... We would love to have you come and visit us!

          2. Tried it the other day.
            I tried the two meat platter, Ribs & Brisket. For sides I chose corn bread and cole slaw.
            Also tried baked macaroni.

            I'd love to see this place succeed, the following is meant as constructive evaluation / advice.

            The brisket was very good, moist, with great flavor, not much smoke though. I have an impression the Au Jus it comes in dilutes the smoke flavor.
            However I really enjoyed it.
            The two sauces I sampled were both very nice.

            Next up were the ribs.
            Nice smoky flavor, unfortunately very fatty. They weren't cooked long enough for the fat to break down.
            I'll try these again, it may have been a one time issue, hopefully.

            Now for the sides:
            The corn bread was very nice, the best of the sides I tried.
            I would like to humbly suggest to change the cole slaw recipe.
            We dumped it out after one taste.
            I'll say the same thing I say in most NJ BBQ places.
            Why serve mushy noodles that taste predominantly of milk and flour with very little cheese?
            Skip the baked mac & cheese, and put your efforts into other items you already have.

            Spoiled by Texas BBQ

            1. Just got finished with our late lunch from here. Got there about 2:15pm and they had already run out of dark meat chicken and cornbread for the day. There were about 5 people in front of us and another 5 behind us when we pulled out. Seems as though word is getting around about Taste of Smoke.

              I can't find a menu online anywhere. They do have a Facebook page, but no regular website. I will post a couple pictures I took of their menu hanging on the food truck but it's weather damaged because it is only a printed paper slid into a plastic sheet protector. You will see in the picture. It would behoove them to invest in a better sign or at least post the menu online.

              There were a couple of women working the window, one line for ordering/paying and the other for pickup. Unfortunately, everyone sort of just mills around waiting for their order. The women seemed very nervous about getting each order correct and the cashier would stop taking orders after every other person in order to assist the order assembler. It really slowed down the line. They were very apologetic and pleasant about the delays but a better system is in order.

              I ordered a half rack of ribs ($13.00). They are rubbed with seasonings and smoked and served without the sauce. They were served wrapped in heavy duty foil then placed in a foil lined bag. There were seven bones in the half rack and they had a beautiful pink smoke ring. The smoke flavor really came through. They were not falling off the bone tender, they had the pull that many bbq aficionados love and the were very meaty.

              My husband ordered the Two-Meat Platter ($16.00), choice of ribs, brisket, pulled pork or chicken. He decided on the brisket and pulled pork. He was impressed by the meats. The brisket was moist and beefy with a noticeable smoke ring. The pulled porkwas also very tasty. Moist, shredded nicely, slightly smoked and not overburdened with seasoning. The brisket is served with a small amount of au jus, while the pork is served dry. There were a few different options for the bbq sauce on the side (do it yourself), Hickory BBQ, Honey BBQ, hot sauce and what I think is a mustard based sauce. We sampled each of the sauces, preferring the Hickory.

              The Two-Meat Platter comes with two sides, your choice of cornbread, three bean baked beans, homemade coleslaw or Baby Back Mac & Cheese, which is pieces of rib meat mixed in with elbow mac & cheese. He chose the baked beans (excellent with big pieces of bacon also) and the mac and cheese (dry, flavorless, missing cheese). We avoided the coleslaw on the advice of the review posted here and since there was no cornbread left, the sides were by default. The platter also came with a piece of "Texas Toast" bread.

              Overall, we were impressed by the mains and the baked beans. We wholeheartedly agree with the reviewer that said the mac and cheese needs work. The blue box would be an improvement or perhaps macaroni salad.

              We rate Taste of Smoke 3.5 stars out of 5.

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                1. re: Jerseygirl111

                  jersygirl & rickster.....after eating there myself the other day for lunch...pulled pork & briskett sandwiches....mack cheese, coldslaw,. I have to agree with all you have said so far above.....I also hope they can tweak their selections somewhat to perfection after they read these reviews, afterall you gotta make the customers happy. Great pictures BTW too. As Emeril would say I hope they "Kick it up a Notch" ...I will try it again in a month or two.......have a great day!