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Sep 7, 2013 06:49 AM

Pakta vs 41 Degrees

My fiancee and I are stopping in Barcelona for three nights as part of an extended layover at the end of our honeymoon to Morocco. Unfortunately Tickets is already booked up solid, but space remains at either Pakta or 41 degrees. I haven't seen much about Pakta on this board yet, but then again it is new. My question for you all is whether 41 degrees is really worth the extra couple hundred euro. I know the meal itself is worth it, but would we also be totally excited and happy at Pakta? Or should we spring for it?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Though I have not been to either but I did extensive reading, 41 Degrees is like the tasting menu version of what Tickets is. Essentially, the "snacks" (the food) the kitchen serve you are what you would have at El Bulli.

    Pakta is a culinary fusion (in a way) of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines.

    I guess it depends what makes you and your fiancee happy in terms of gastronomic terms. Both should be very good.

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      Total misunderstanding of what 41° is. There is almost no overlap between Tickets (an exciting tapas-like menu) and 41° which is a 'journey around the world'. I think perhaps 2 or 3 dishes were similar (in the Spain portion of the journey - but that was the ingredients, not the presentation). I only identified 1 dish that was similar to El Bulli (the famous spherical olives) but that was clearly a sop to those who came 'expecting' that dish - and the 41° version had a twist to it that involved anchovy.
      41° is cheaper than every 3* meal I've experienced (by far) - it's also my favourite meal ever. And the word 'Experience' is deliberately chosen - this includes the music and images that are choregraphed to the journey. Nothing else like it (that I know of).
      Can't compare to Pakta as I haven't been.

      1. re: estufarian

        Thanks for a great description of 41 degrees. Having eaten at Tickets, I look forward to both of these new places in upcoming trips. And have I heard they're opening another one this year?