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Sep 7, 2013 01:57 AM

Washington - trendy restaurants with an authentic atmosphere

Dear all,
may I ask you for your recommendations for a trendy restaurant in Washington, crowded and vivid with an authentic atmosphere - a perfect place to impress your friends

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  1. I see from your other posts that you are from Frankfurt, Germany. So I am guessing you are looking for an authentic "American' restaurant?

    When will you be here? Are you traveling only to DC or are you going to other cities too?

    1. I would go to Mintwood Place, Le Diplomat, Graffiato or Jaleo. All are very popular with great food and atmosphere. I highly recommend getting a reservation though since as I said they are VERY popular

      1. My friends are impressed with the food at Kapnos. Afterwards, there are plenty of places to drink. If you really want to impress, then Little Serow. No reservation, set menu, 7 courses for $45 per person of spicy northern Thai food. Even more impressive, then Maketto, reservation on Open Table under the name Hanoi House. 6 courses of southeast Asian delights, some similarity to Little Serow, for only $30 per peron. Maketto is a pop up at Hanoi House so depending on when you're visiting, it may not be around. These are the hottest restaurants in DC. If you want to blow big bucks for molecular gastronomy, then Rogue 24 for 24 courses.

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          Yes Kapnos is another great choice!

        2. Little Serow, Red Hen, or Unum.

          1. Graffiato was definitely crowded and loud. Portions seemed to be measured out by the thimbleful and the food was bland, but it sure was loud and crowded.

            I'll second Le Diplomate. Excellent food at a reasonable price (for the neighborhood) with stunning interior design. However, you'll likely need to book a month in advance for a group of any size whatsoever.