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Sep 7, 2013 12:08 AM

Anyone made the ATK Cinnamon Swirl Bread?

It's a lovely dough to handle. The aroma of cinnamon is lush and hangs about the kitchen for a good day to day and a half. Yum! The technique of making the cinnamon filling with confectioners' sugar instead of granulated or brown sugar does a great job of keeping the integrity of the rolled loaf. My husband is crazy about the flavor. And the coiled split ropes of dough make for a gorgeous loaf.

So what's the problem? Well, I've done it twice and the loaves are so soft and tender that they tend to collapse on themselves. Is anyone else finding this? How do you deal with it? I almost want to turn the pans upside down while they cool like an angel's food cake but I don't have loaf pans with legs.

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  1. How about adding a little extra flour when you mix it, or if you can, maybe try making the dough the night before and letting it rise in the fridge, or making a sponge with the dough ingredients. The longer rising time should give it a stronger structure.

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      Thanks for the suggestion!

      I'm a great believer in preferments but this is a different sort of bread that's intended to be very tender. Besides this is a very vigorous riser already.