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Sep 6, 2013 10:58 PM

Cooking class in or around Santa Fe

We are travelling from Australia and will be in Santa Fe for a week. We like to do local cooking classes when travelling. Any suggestions on somewhere good with local specialties.

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  1. The Santa Fe School oif Cooking offers both demo and hands-on classes. Also, check out the new Santa Fe Culinary Academy and Las Cosas a local kitchen shop.

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      Thanks will have a look at those sights.

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        This is too late for Margo but I just returned from Santa Fe and took 2 cooking classes. The Tamale class at Santa Fe Cooking school was very good...But the most outstanding class I have ever taken was with Norma at "The Feasting Place" just outside of Santa Fe. She has a informative website "thefeastingplace".
        The classes our in her beautifully appointed home. We used a horno to bake our empanadas. The very best part is that Norma, part Ohkay Indian and part Spanish, shares the history of the place in a very informal,warm way. It was a highlight of my stay in Santa Fe.


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          Thanks for this. I have been in touch with Norma and looks like we have a class day. It sounds just what we like to do with a lovely mix of cooking and culture.
          Many thanks.

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            I'm so glad you got in touch with Norma. It just the kind of class that also look and flavor of he area. Say "Hi" to Norma for me

    2. La Cosas, a kitchenware shop, has cooking classes, too. They're not all focussed on New Mexican food, but a number of them are: . They also have farm to table local foods cooking classes at Rancho Manzano Bed & Breakfast in Chimayo (about half an hour north of Santa Fe), and general New Mexican cooking classes at the Cooking Studio in Taos.

      1. You could also take a look at Los Poblanos in the Los Ranchos neighborhood of Albuquerque. It's a bit of a drive (although probably less than an hour), and it will give you a view of northern New Mexico that you won't necessarily get around Santa Fe.

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          Thanks. We are not adverse to a little drive to do something interesting.


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            Los Poblanos is pretty, but I don't think have frequent cooking classes or teach NM or Southwestern cooking. I get their emails and all I can ever remember seeing listed are classes in how to brine a turkey, how to cook with lavender, how to choose an oyster. Stuff like that.

          2. Jan does a great job; I have several friends who take classes with her:


            She's in ABQ.