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Sep 6, 2013 09:19 PM

Where can i find bresola (or breasola) in Richmond Hill?

Where can i find bresola (or breasola) in Richmond Hill?

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  1. you can likely get it in the plaza at 13321 yonge St. There's an italian butcher that also makes sandwiches and sells italian cold cuts. wish i could remember the place. Right beside the Domino's Pizza.
    Worth the visit.

    1. Grande, on Yonge south of Major Mac. It is an Italian deli kind of store with lots of meat, cheese and bread.

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      1. I ended up finding Bresola in Longos (the one on Bayview and Mjr.Mak). The quality was meh, It wasn't as dehydrated as I wanted it to be, it was almost moist in certain spots. Not to mention that they improperly slice it.

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          Hmm.. I just had some from the Longo's in Oakville (new one on Cornwall) the other day and I found it super dry and lacking any flavour. Definitely not in my list of top Bresola. I forget the brand but it was mass produced. So, I agree it wasn't a good Bresola but for almost the exact opposite reasons