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Sep 6, 2013 08:41 PM

Drydock seafood in Fullerton

Has anyone had good experiences with this place? I see them at some of the farmers markets but it looks like frozen imports mostly. I stopped by their etorefront in Fullerton and the only whole fish were farmed tilapia or salmon. It's far down to Pierson's Port or SMS so I had hopes for this. Maybe it's been bad tining on my part?

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  1. Bought a delicious piece of fresh swordfish recently at the BH Sunday farmers market. That fish tasted exceptionally fresh. I was told that it was wild caught in deep water out of Santa Barbara.

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      As far as I know I think "wild caught" is redundant when it comes to swordfish. I don't think there is any such thing as "farmed" swordfish. Sustainable methods of taking them are preferable such as rod and reel or harpooning (in lieu of drift nets which also kill things like sea turtles, etc.).

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        Thanks for the clarification. Interesting that the sign on the swordfish described as "wild caught"

    2. We like Dry Dock. We often call HQ to order for the FM and it's always there. Nice selection. We've purchased octopus, california sea bass, branzino, sole, clams, sushi quality ahi, albacore and hamachi. Only the octopus had been frozen.

      If you're looking for something specific, call Mark at HQ and reserve ahead.

      BTW, their preserved limes and lemons are remarkable.

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          Thanks very much. I will give them another try.

        2. I buy most of my fish at farmers markets, but from J&P West Coast Seafood. Pete Siracusa isn't as inexpensive as he used to be, and sometimes he carries more variety than he should, but he does a great job in general.

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            Agree, Pete & Marilyn are great. And it's all super fresh.