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Sep 6, 2013 05:59 PM

where to buy a gateau Concorde

We had a wonderful little French delicatessen in Lexington, MA called L'Alouette, But sadly, the owner went back to France, and his successor ruined the place. He has now gone out of business, Where can I buy the wonder fruit tarts, and nut tarts that L'Alouette used to stock? More importantly, where can I buy the wonderful gateau Concorde, a chocolate mousse cake, covered with chocolate meringue curls?
My grandson got over his food aversion with that "crunchy cake", and it has become a family staple for holidays and birthdays.
Help please, Greater Lexington area, if possible


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  1. Check out Tatte fine cake and cookies on broadway in Kendall Sq. Cambridge. Their website looks great, it's pricey and not sure of French but might be worth a try. I love a good ' quest'

    1. La Provence in Concord. It's to die for.

      1. La Riviera in Wellesley carries this cake. Also you can order it from the catering service of Baker's Best, but since they don't allow you to pick it up (no longer have a store front in Newton), you end up having to pay a delivery charge.