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Sep 6, 2013 05:57 PM

Sixtieth (gulp) Birthday Party

My family wants to celebrate my birthday. I'm in denial. I want to have a nice day for mostly our friends, but also our grandkids and a some younger friends. I was considering a Sunday brunch or luncheon, but I do not want it in some interior banquet room @any restaurant. It's in the beginning of November and I'd like somewhere that's either interesting, or pretty. The caveat is that the menu has to be pretty broad. We're from the SFV, but will go anywhere in the valley, westside or L.A.. I have looked at the Westlake Village Inn as they have a variety of different rooms. I would also consider Saddle Peak. Someone suggested the Culver Hotel's second floor, I've not seen it.
Good food is primary, with a varied menu. The space is important too. Anywhere from 25-50 guests. Room to mingle would be great. Our home would have been ideal, but we will have some construction happening Suggestions please!

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  1. You can't go wrong with Saddle Peak's wonderful Sunday brunch. Wonderful game meat sausages!
    My favorite in LA.

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      My husband asked me what kind of food I wanted for my 60th birthday. I said, Italian and Chinese. So, he bought an around the world ticket (RTW) and we had Italian in Rome and Chinese in Taipei. True story.

        1. We did a really nice 80th at the 4 Seasons Doheney with the patios garden for cocktails. Thy did a great job.

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            1. I agree with the other suggestions. In addition, if you decide to stay in the valley, I think Ca del Sole is nice for parties. A friend did her husband's birthday there (bigger number than yours....age wise, that is!) and it was lovely. People had cocktails and appetizers on a lovely back patio, and then the meal in an adjoining private room. Very nice food and service. Easy valet parking. And a pleasant space.

              1. I'm right behind you and I feel your pain.