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Sep 6, 2013 05:18 PM

Dinner for 10 [London]

Our book group will be traveling to London the end of October. We will have 4 nights for dinner and already have dinner reservations at Nopi for 1 of those nights. Our problem is getting tables large enough for 10. We wanted to eat at Locanda Locatelli but their largest table is for 8. We don't mind splitting up but would like one "special" meal (since this is our 20th anniversary) to be together. Any suggestions? Location and cost is not a matter. Thank you.

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  1. This website might help you a bit. There are some fairly good suggestions in their list... Asia de Cuba, Blueprint Cafe, J. Sheekey etc. I know that Deux Salons has a private dining room, but people haven't been so keen lately on that once highly regarded spot.

    1. For your special meal, Medlar's private dining room is the right size, no room hire cost and they would do you drinks on arrival to make it feel a bit more special, if that's what you'd like. Lovely food too, there are various reviews on the boards.

      More casual is Tas (Turkish, lovely big menu so can cater for most preferences) who often do big tables - I think Tas EV in Waterloo would be your best option as I think it is the largest branch.

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        I once went to a dinner at Tas with about 7 or 8 other people. We had a really good time... it was the branch near Tottenham Court Rd. I think.

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          I would suggest this branch of Tas too. It's at the bottom end of Gower St/Bloomsbury street. I assume you are all going to want to talk so steer clear of the Waterloo branch - it's really noisy.

          Sartoria off Regent Street has private rooms off the main restaurant and is one of my favourites.