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Sep 6, 2013 05:15 PM

Starting off a life right in NOLA. Gift ideas?

I'm looking give a gift to my dear brother and his wife, upon their move to NOLA? I don't live there, but they're a little nervous about the move and so I thought I could give them a gift certificate or pre-pay for something for them to pick up in their first few weeks there.

It seems like I could contact a few different restaurants or shops and assemble a virtual packet of gift certificates of places for them to try in between house hunting, etc. My budget is not big, but I'm willing to give a few different "experiences" via this effort. Like, not needing to pay for a meal, but spend enough at a bar, a restaurant and a shop or two that they would get a taste of places they'd want to frequent. So these don't need to be well-known or tourist places (actually, neighborhood and low-key with great food are more their interest). My brother eats seafood and fish, no meat or poultry. Sister-in-law eats all foods. They really love classy cocktails and inventive food (and I am interested in supporting anything farm-to-table, especially)

Help me find the right places to "show" them!

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  1. a reliable way-back machine and a gift certificate for housewares at Maison Blanche.

    1. Do you have any idea of their neighborhood-to-be?

      That would help us suggest something that would get them out in their area. When moving in you don't feel much like driving across town, particulalry if you don't know the town.

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        They're looking Uptown/Garden district, but for September will be staying on Magazine Street. Thanks a bunch!

      2. The Crescent City Farmer's Market sells scrip/tokens for market purchases; maybe they'll sell you some via phone/credit card that you could include in a care/welcome package: http://www.crescentcityfarmersmarket....

        Vom Fass on Magazine St sells vinegars, oils, etc.:

        Kitchen Witch is a new & used cookbook shop:

        Keife & Co is a locally owned liquor store catering to the cocktailian crowd:

        1. For Magazine/Uptown add St. James Cheese Company. A good deli and a place to sit down and eat with (or stand in line and buy with) locals.

          Then there is also The Big Fisherman

          1. Martin Wine Cellar; Bella Donna - gift shop and day spa; Whimsy is a cute gift shop near Whole Foods; Ace Hardware on Magazine could be useful; Boucherie - very good restaurant uptown

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              I don't know that I'd give a non-meat-eater a gift certificate to Boucherie.