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What's the best halibut dish you have had?

My husband just got back from fishing in Alaska. Now we have a freezer full of halibut and salmon (King and silver). I've tried one dish with the halibut where white beans and tomatoes and pesto are mixed together put in packet with halibut on top and it was delicious. But I'm look for more recipes. Does anyone have a favorite?

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  1. I'm envious. It's a pricey fish, and my favorite. Recently I bought a small piece that I was going to prepare in my usual baked fish method: spread storebought seafood stuffing in a baking dish. Lay fish on it. Atop the fish, various julienned vegetables mixed with soy or teriyaki sauce (scallion, bell pepper, zucchini, carrot, etc). But instead I stretched the halibut into more portions by using it for a tomato-based fish chowder with small white beans. The flavor of the halibut came through loud and clear.

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      My stomach just growled reading that, g :) Both sound super.

    2. Poached with a drizzle of fresh sage beurre blanc.

      1. Check out my son's halibut at Le Bernardin in New York City. Oh, my! Poached, I think, with a sauce to die for.

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          Hey, isn't somebody supposed to say that my son looks handsome? Oh, wait, this isn't Facebook...

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            I was too distracted by the fish!! Yes, he is adorable. (A bit young for me tho :))

        2. I have had great success using halibut for ceviche. My sister did a baked fish (other firm white fish) with a crust of breadcrumbs/crushed almonds/fresh basil that was great.
          Asian flavored- seared and serve in a shallow bowl with miso broth, sesame oil, scallions, baby bok choy

          Add to a thai coconut milk based curry over rice with cilantro and chopped peanuts

          Fish tacos baja style- grill or sear the fish, in dbl corn tortillas with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, avocado and queso fresco- serve w grilled corn and lime wedges

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            Would you use halibut that had been previously frozen?

            Granted OP has a LOT of halibut but I'd probably use something not so expensive for the rest of us.

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              Previously frozen is fine, i defrost mine in a ziplock in a bowl in the sink under cool running water the way my ex (a chef) taught me.
              All the above also work with any other firm white fish, tho i prefer halibut for the ceviche.

          2. Halibut poached with lemon and served with an abgolomeno sauce is heavenly.

            1. I like to grill, especially if I have thick steaks. Keep it simple, olive oil, garlic & dill. Or this is really good. http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/el...

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                What's your method for grilling it? I'm a total amateur and end up with half stuck to the damned grill most of the time.... :/

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                  I use a BBQ Grill Plate when I grill fish. Let it get hot before you put the fish on it. You can spray the grill with Pam if you're not using oil on the fish.

              2. I order halibut when I find it, and when it is season. I am totally afraid to make it though. The best I've ever had was honestly in Alaska, in Prudhoe Bay(?), at a fish and chips place. I was blown away by the fish. I probably loved it because it was so fresh.

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                  I like the batter-dipped frozen halibut fillets at Trader Joe's. You have to bake them. They are not cheap but TJ treats its fish expertly.

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                    In another thread someone clued me into a reduced sodium broth concentrate. I'll have to visit TJ for that and the batter dipped halibut.

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                      I agree, and sometimes its better than most super markets here. At least it's consistent.

                  2. The very first fish I ever caught when I was first allowed to go out pier fishing with my dad, at age seven, was a halibut. Pure beginner's luck - I have never caught one since, and it certainly seemed to amaze (and piss off) the old guys on the pier. My mom broiled it with fresh lemon juice and capers. It was awesome.

                    1. Laura Calder, the French Chef, has an interesting recipe for halibut, simmering it in oil.

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                          I'm stunned. Can there exist an online forum with no Python fans?

                        2. I throw this out for the adventurous, who might wind up needing to throw the whole dish out! On the latest season of New Scandinavian Cooking the other day, he used cocoa nibs and cocoa powder (both unsweetened) to cook halibut fillet in cocoa butter. All their recipes are on their website. This was Andreas Viestad, in Norway.

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                            I have a recipe book by him, it is lovely.

                          2. This is when I most miss my Dad. He would drive down to CA only stopping for gas from WA bringing with him his catch. Salmon, halibut, shrimp, and crab when in season. On one such delivery, weput a halibut roast on the grill, and I made a mustard cream sauce. Oh how I'd love that again!

                            1. A boyfriend's college roommate spent his summers working on a fishing boat in Alaska. He had loads of halibut in the freezer in their apartment. One night while I was visiting we sat outside and fried it up like you would for fish and chips. That fried fish along with a cold Corona sitting outside as the sun set..... it is a wonderful memory.

                              1. I like to put olive oil on it and season salt and grill it on a real hot fire or
                                This is really good and very easy.

                                1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
                                1/4 cup butter, softened
                                3 tablespoons mayonnaise
                                2 tablespoons lemon juice
                                3 tablespoons chopped green onions
                                1/4 teaspoon salt
                                1 dash hot pepper sauce
                                2 pounds skinless halibut fillets
                                1. Preheat the oven broiler. Grease a baking dish.
                                2. In a bowl, mix the Parmesan cheese, butter, mayonnaise, lemon juice, green onions, salt, and hot pepper sauce.
                                3. Arrange the halibut fillets in the prepared baking dish.
                                4. Broil halibut fillets 8 minutes in the prepared oven, or until easily flaked with a fork. Spread with the Parmesan cheese mixture, and continue broiling 2 minutes, or until topping is bubbly and lightly browned.

                                1. My husband brings back halibut from his fishing trips occasionally, and I love it seared with a chilli-paprika-cumin spice rub. When I want to do something more with it, I like this recipe from Ina Garten. I use halibut instead of red snapper and plain white yogurt instead of creme fraiche. It sounds like it would drown the flavours of the fish, but I make sure not to overdo the mustard, and it's great!


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                                    Am making Ina's Mustard Roasted Fish tonite but only because I have to STOP making her Herb Roasted Fish! I made that recipe 3 times the first week I tried it! OMG! It is sooo delicious and sooo easy!

                                    -Halibut (or other mild white fish) seasoned with S&P, place on parchment and drizzle with EVOO and lemon juice. Place 5 green olives next to the filet and 3 large thyme sprigs on top of it. Roll the edges of the parchment together to form the pouch, and roast on baking sheet for 15 minutes at 400.

                                    I've also tried it with Salmon and Red Snapper, but meh. The milder flavor of Halibut or Talapia really allow the lemon, thyme and olives to shine thru.


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                                      I love olives, ski_gpsy, so I think I'll try that tonight! Thanks.

                                  2. either:
                                    Alan Wong's pan-seared with a wasabi beurre blanc


                                    Rick Bayless' grilled with a roasted tomato/ habanero sauce

                                    both are not that hard to do at home (reasonably closely)

                                    I flour the fillets with Wondra and a light dusting of cornstarch, then pan sear until that side is golden.
                                    Flip and sear the other side quickly, and if necessary finish by throwing the pan in the oven for 5 minutes.
                                    WIth any fish I use the Eric Ripert 'trick' of inserting a cool skewer or thin knife into the centre of the fish and touching it to my upper lip. When the knife comes out warm from the centre, the fish is done.

                                    Make a standard beurre blanc by reducing white wine to a syrup and then mounting with butter. Add a splash of soy and wasabi to your taste. Honey if necessary.
                                    It's fantastic.

                                    for the Bayless sauce,
                                    roast tomatoes and garlic in the oven until soft.
                                    Peel the tomatoes and garlic and blend them until smooth.
                                    Put the mixture in a sauce pan over medium heat.
                                    Slit a habanero (or two) with a knife and simply sit them in the sauce like little chile 'teabags'.
                                    Let them steep until the desired heat level is reached.
                                    Remove them and pour over the fish.

                                    I often will sear the fish until almost done, and then cover them in the sauce and place the whole thing in the oven to finish the fish IN the sauce.

                                    1. Hirame usuzukuri, but I would not try this at home.

                                      1. http://uktv.co.uk/food/recipe/aid/633707

                                        best halibut ever. EVER!!!

                                        1 thick halibut steak, cut through the bone
                                        oil, for frying
                                        1 large knob butter
                                        1 onion, finely sliced
                                        ½ tsp sugar
                                        4 tsp sherry vinegar
                                        1 large handful curly kale, coarsely shredded
                                        1 tbsp capers
                                        2 tbsp chopped parsley
                                        1. Season the halibut with a little salt and cook in a hot oiled pan. Cook quickly until golden brown on each side, but do not cook it all the way through. Add a little more oil if necessary.

                                        2. Once the fish is coloured on each side, turn off the heat and add a knob of butter. While it finishes cooking in the residual heat of the pan, baste the fish every now and again with the melted butter.

                                        3. Put the onions in an oiled pan over a medium heat. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper, add the sugar and cook until dark golden and caramelised. Pour in the sherry vinegar and cook for 30 seconds.

                                        4. Stir the kale into the onions, add a splash of water to help it steam and cook until wilted, adding a little more water if necessary.

                                        5. Add the capers and parsley to the buttery juices in the pan of fish.

                                        6. To serve, plate the kale and onions and top with the halibut steak. Spoon over the caper and parsley butter sauce and serve immediately.

                                        1. I love using halibut for fish tacos, grilled or panfried, lightly marinaded with lime and chili before hand.

                                          I also enjoy it cooked en papillotte, layer vegetables underneath such as thinly sliced mushrooms, onions, zukes, top with fresh herbs, lemon and olive oil and bake. Great melding of flavours, an keeps a lot of moisture in.

                                          Finally this is a favourite of mine, it is really more about the accompanying sauce then the halibut, but the 2 go very well together, I usually serve with a quinoa pilaf.