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Sep 6, 2013 04:25 PM

Where to find Italian Prune Plums---not at Costco?

This is normally when I can find them to make plum kuchen, but nothing yet. Have you found any in SF?

The Costco box is not firm. They are too mushy.

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  1. In season, there's one vendor at the Saturday Berkeley farmers market that always has them. Can't remember which one. I'll look for them tomorrow.

    1. Are they the same as are called French prune plums? If so I believe they have started to show up at FPFM. They're pretty cheap too IIRC like 3 lbs. for $5.

      1. Last week Tierra had them at Ferry Plaza. I think Knoll also had them.

        1. I think Blossom Bluff might have had some at the Tuesday Berkeley Farmers Market, but I'm not certain. They've definitely had damsons the last couple of weeks, and I think they had some prune plums the last time I was at one of their stands.

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            Blossom Bluff at the Ferry Plaza market generally has them. There is also a vendor in the front, on the right side of the main doors, that sells them by the bag,

          2. I saw them at the San Rafael Whole Foods on Wednesday.