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Sep 6, 2013 03:48 PM

Private Room - steakhouse?

I need to pick a steakhouse downtown (loop, river north, west loop) for a private event - about 50 for a sit down dinner. Room ambiance should allow for mingling and be separated from other patrons - more for their protection than ours, as our group will be loud. Highly preferable to have series of round tables seating 8-10 each vs a long rectangular setup. I've been to all the usual suspects for dinner and all are decent (its a steakhouse) but I haven't seen their private rooms and I'm trying to cut down my research visits.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Gibson's has a private room that meets all of your criteria (or at least it did as of about 12 years go). It's upstairs away from the main dining hall, will comfortably seat 50, with sufficient space for mingling. When we used to rent it (for a company holiday party, over the course of several years), they set it up with round tables of 8-10 and there still was room for a long rectangular table near the entry to the room to hold an appetizer buffet for the cocktail hour.

    1. Joe's and Chicago cut both have rooms that meet your requirements.