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Sep 6, 2013 03:47 PM

Where to Find a New Jersey Sloppy Joe sandwich in Philly?

I'm in town for a business trip and will be staying in Center City. I regularly dream of the awesome New Jersey Joe sandwich. I think it's more of a North Jersey thing. However, I'm wondering if there is any chance of finding this sandwich in Philadelphia. Preferably in Center City as I'll be getting around on foot.

Ideas? Thanks

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  1. Perhaps some here are familiar with the name " New Jersey Sloppy Joe". If you describe it maybe you could be directed to a place serving that style sandwich even it the name is not the same.

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    1. re: Bacchus101 is a great discussion of the sandwich, something I had never heard of before this post. Given the contents of the sandwich, I would suggest checking out Famous 4th street deli to see if they could accommodate you.

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        Never could have even guessed at that one! Sounds like a sandwich one would find at a Jewish deli, for sure, ie Famous 4th street. As long as the customer does not get stuck on the name my bet is they can get what they desire as noted.

        1. re: Bacchus101

          Famous has sandwiches similar to this on their "ungaschtupt" menu but the different will be that the sandwich will be about 10" tall on very thick bread which may change the consistency of the sandwich. Even if OP gets a regular sandwich (still will have 4x the meat, but can be removed) with lots of cole slaw on it the bread will still be way thicker than what is described on that link.

          I suspect Koch's is West Philly would be able to come a little closer, but of course that is out of walking range.

          In any case OP is probably better off not seeking a local delicacy from somewhere else while in Philly IMO.

    2. Interesting. I had never heard of this either. Although not double-decker, this sounds closed to what around here is called a "special," which is meat (pastrami, turkey, etc.) with cole slaw and russian dressing, and cheese, if requested. Growing up in Ohio, our favorite deli had a sandwich called "The Philadelphian," which is basically what around here is called a corned beef special.

      Anyway, most any place that makes deli sandwiches will make you a special. In Center City, I'd try either Famous, or Hershel's in the Reading Terminal market.

      That said, there are so many wonderful local sandwiches, I'd consider those instead.

      1. I guess it must be a Jersey thing... Everywhere else in the U.S. and Canada is has been ground beef on a burger bun with a tomato-based (almost BBQ) sauce.. usually just chili powder and maybe some garlic salt..

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          It looks like Famous has something very similar. Regardless, after being starved for Jewish deli food in California I think I can get my fix of something there.