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Sep 6, 2013 03:01 PM

Bachelor Party

Group of about 10 guys... Suggestions?

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  1. Any more specifics? Are you looking for stereotypical bachelor party stuff : ie food is secondary but the "ambiance" and booze ratio the primary draw? Or are you looking for a great meal, maybe scotch and cigars afterwards?

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    1. re: foodieX2

      A great meal would be ideal, but ambiance and booze also very important. Maybe something unique to New Orleans? Expensive is Ok, but nothing pre fixe or ridiculously expensive

      1. re: foodieX2

        Heading this weekend for a bachelor party. We are going to Cochon Thursday night. Friday we are deciding between Luke & Borgne. Thoughts? Other suggestions welcomed. Casual, not too expensive, fun atmosphere.

        Saturday we are deciding between NOLA and Emeril's, but are open to suggestions. Last minute it might be tough to get a reservation for a party of 10, but we have a table reserved at NOLA and Emeril's.

        We'd also like to check out Acme and Mother's. Thoughts? Suggestions for lunch, brunch on Sunday (maybe somewhere that we can also watch football?)

        Thank you

        1. re: SobeChower

          What about Peche? For a group of 10 I think the menu needs to be approachable. So we are looking for casual, fun for a group of 10 guys, & most importantly great food.

          Thanks again for any insight!

          1. re: SobeChower

            If you can get into Peche that would be ideal. A large fun room with great food that's made for sharing with a large group. It's been a while since I've been to Luke but my memory is that the food is okay but not great. Also, for a group of your size Luke likely would stick you in the ambience-free back room. Avoid Mother's.

            1. re: CampStreet

              Thank you. We got a reservation for Friday night at 9pm. Is there a fun happy hour we should hit up around there before dinner?

              Also, what about Saturday?

              1. re: SobeChower

                Did you get reservations at Peche? The thread wasn'r clear.
                I ask as another poster in another thread said Peche wouldn't take a party of 10.

                Is it possibly more a matter of the kithen vs bookings on one night and not a policy of refusing 10 tops?

                1. re: collardman

                  We are actually 9 people squeezing into a table for 8.

      2. I know a big group of guys that were in town for a bachelor party and they did a prixe fixe menu with booze at Borgne. They said it was perfect.