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Sep 6, 2013 01:52 PM

How long would fresh lime juice last?

If juiced and put into a plastic squeeze bottle, how long would freshly squeezed lime juice last in the refrigerator?

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  1. Forever, if you freeze it. Fridge, probably longer than you think...a week or two minimum?

    1. If you're a 18th century British sailor - many months before it started to lose potency.

      1. I actually think plain lime juice starts to taste funny within hours of squeezing it. It should be "safe" for a long time because it's so high in acid, so there's no harm in trying it, if you're so inclined, but I think it takes on an unpleasantly acidic edge, in addtion to/instead of the pleasant "acidic citrus" flavor.

        Unsqueezed limes, on the other hand, last a very long time at even cool room temperature.

        1. I've had some for months, still great.

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            Last summer, some neighbors stripped their lime tree and gave us a bunch. We spent about 1/2 hour juicing most of our share and pouring the juice into ice cube trays. We're ending the summer with just enough lime juice left to make about two more good margaritas. It still tastes as good as new.

            So to answer your question - fresh, I don't know, but frozen it lasts forever.

          2. I found that it starts tasting pretty awful after a week or so. I store mine in a glass bottle --- not sure if that makes a diff or not.