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Sep 6, 2013 12:41 PM

Great Steaks with options for a vegetarian?

I'm taking my husband to dinner in Philly for his birthday - can anyone recommend a place with really great steaks (for him) that also has a few vegetarian options (for me)? I'm more focused on getting him a fantastic steak (he is still talking about the amazing steak for 2 that he had - by himself - our last night in Rome a few months ago) than the vegetarian dinner for myself. I'm perfectly happy with salad and sides, but some hardcore steakhouses don't even offer that option.


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  1. As far as steak houses go, I would probably suggest Barclay Prime. They have several salad choices that are good (heirloom tomato salad, caesar, etc) as well as four different vegetable sides, as well as potatoes. Capitol Grille, Butcher and Singer and Del Friscos also all had salads and vegetable sides. Del Friscos also had a mushroom bisque that might be worth considering.

    Another option might be for him to get a steak at an iIalian restaurant. Osteria comes to mind, as they usually have a steak on the menu, and that would open up a lot more choices for you.

    1. Fogo de Chao in Center City has great meat and the salad bar is a vegetarians delight.

      1. +1 on cw's rec for Barclay Prime or Butcher & Singer. However, my personal favorite beef/steak place in CC is The Prime Rib, and yes I get the Prime Rib but the steaks are also prime and aged. TPR have salads, sides and a veggie plate which would work for you. Voted Zagat's Best Steak House in Philadelphia; however you choose to value that.

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          Bacchus thanks for reminding me about Prime Rib. It always slips my mind, and it really is a great restaurant. When perusing the menu at all the steakhouses, I was very surprised that none of them had a vegetable plate listed, though I suspect if you call, you can find out whether the kitchen would be able to put one together. It probably would be the classic Portobello mushroom and other veggies that everyone seems to think is what is required when substituting for no meat. I should note that all of the places I listed had substantial fish menus which is great to see so that pescatorians can enjoy a meal at the steakhouses and not worry about having nothing to eat. I think vegans still would have a harder time between what things are cooked in and the inclusion of cheese on lots of the salads. But it does seem that steakhouses are making a nod to those who do not like bloody flesh on their plate even though they may not be their prime customers.

            1. re: Seeker19104

              The Prime Rib is my favorite too, in part for a good steak (33 ounce!), the over-the-top retro styling, and they allow BYOB a couple of nights a week (virtually unheard of for a steakhouse).

          1. Thank you for all the great suggestions! We decided to go with Osteria - as soon as my husband saw the ribeye fiorentina on the menu, it was a done deal! Now he has a long 2 1/2 week wait until we get there...

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              I would love a pic and review of that Fiorentina as the sweetie and I have yet to find any stateside that matches the true Florentine version...a passable version at Osteria could redeem them in my eyes and give us reason to give them another chance!

              1. re: sockii

                I will definitely post a photo and review! My husband is so excited - I really hope it lives up to the steak he had in Rome. He keeps asking me if we should call ahead to make sure they don't run out of them before we get there. :)

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                  FYI both of the steaks are priced and size for two people. So either your husband is going to be eating a lot, or taking home a doggie bag

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                    He polished off a 1kg steak (intended for 2) in Rome and the waiter was so impressed he brought my husband back to the kitchen to meet the grill chef. Do you know how big the steaks for 2 are at Osteria?

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                      I don't know the weight but they are about the size of a dinner plate and 2 plus inches thick last time I saw one (my dining companions shared one and loved it)

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                    Fiorentina in Rome...? Hmm...I always considered that mostly a Tuscan specialty. I'll never forget the first one we ever had in a fabulous cavernous wine cellar of a restaurant, my sweetie still dreams of it.

                    The photo here was only maybe half-way through it.

                    1. re: sockii

                      It wasn't called a Fiorentina but the waiter said the meat was from Chianina cattle. Looked similar to your photo, but not quite as thick. We'll see how Osteria compares!