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Sep 6, 2013 12:34 PM

Best new ethnic restaurants?

I'm meeting a friend in Boston on Sunday and I'd like to try a new ethnic restaurant. I'm looking for nominations for the best new ethnic restaurants that have opened in the Boston area in the last 3-6 months.

My friend lives in Cambridgeport but we'll have a car. I'm a vegetarian so wherever we end up will have to be veg friendly. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Fair warning, there will be snarky responses coming. They will say that all food is technically ethnic in one way or another. Probably want to be a little more specific.

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    1. re: mkfisher

      Yes, I know. I've encountered that here before. I disagree with the belief that all food is ethnic, but really don't want to get in any arguments about that and don't intend to define the term. I think most reasonable people know what I mean. I'm just looking for a good place to eat and want to try someplace new.

      1. re: BlakeGumprecht

        No snark but it would be helpful if we knew you wanted a particular ethnicity- Indian? Vietnamese? Korean? Northern Italian? German?

        1. re: foodieX2

          I'm open-minded, so long as its veg friendly, though I'd also like to hear about other places, since I teach a geography of food class and maintain a list of Boston area ethnic restaurants for the class.

    2. Turkish. Istanbu'lu....not new however. Teele Square in Somerville, near Davis.

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      1. re: Madrid

        Lots of veggie friendly dishes here.

        1. re: Taralli

          Been to Istanbu'lu twice -- loved it the first time, not so much the second.