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Sep 6, 2013 10:56 AM

O Divin in the 19th begins a new life: Real bistro, bigger space, interesting food.

After 3 months (I think) of redesign and reconstruction and rehiring, O Divin is now a full service bistro provided by a chef who had Noma and Chateaubriand roots, and he and the owner Naoufel Zaïm have great plans to expand into the space where David Bowie and Joe Cocker enjoyed themselves, if you know what I mean.
Want a place that's NON traditional, good chow, great price point (20 E for 3), fine bio-natural/etc wines, loud for old deaf folk, out of the way, you gotta be nuts to go to Botzaris? Go.

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  1. Sorry John, I didn't understand. Did you mean that O Divin is loud?

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    1. re: bcc

      Yes it's noisy with no sound baffling; I assume once they move to the bigger space which since it was a recording studio should be quieter.

    2. wow...thanks will check it all that is left is to pray to the "reservation God, that we can get in these spots.
      thanks..have you heard anything about 110 du Taillevent..
      maybe that is a good sign I havenot seen itin a post..

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        You can check it out on Bonjour Paris, TripAdvisor, TimeOut, John Talbott's blog or right here on Chow...