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Sep 6, 2013 09:56 AM

Grilled sardines on a Barcelona beach

Hi all-I will be in Barcelona at the end of the month and I've been thinking about eating some smoky salty grilled sardines while sticking my feet in the sand. Can this fantasy come true???

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  1. No this is a tradition of the Costa del Sol region of Spain.
    The summer last longer in this region so you will still find places open which sell them.
    They are also a tradition in Galicia but the summer is ending so no beach time there.

    1. The Algarve is famous for sardines on a sandy beach, but it's quite a way from Barcelona :o)

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        oh dear... but maybe a regular restaurant near the beach???
        (The sardines are actually the focal point)

      2. Had some good ones at Can Ros in Barceloneta

        1. You won't find anything that's truly smokey and grilled while sitting on the beach - you can get shrimp and a host of canned and preserved tapas while sitting on a deck set on the beach at la Guingueta. You can get high-quality seafood and rice with a view just off the beach at either Xiringuito Escriba or Kaiku. You can get passable pescadito frito at several beachfront places ( while sacrificing better options off the beach). You can even get a pretty decent negroni (at Santa Marta). No matter what your feet won't be in the sand...

          1. If conditions allow, make a stop at "La Boqueria" and have one of the tapas stands grill you a batch for takeaway.

            Hop on the Metro to the closest sandy shore. Open up your package, luxuriate and carry some hearty bread and plenty of napkins with you.

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              I'm not entirely sure how feasible that is. First the bar would need to have a grill which I don't think any of them have, so the sardines would have to be "a la plancha". Second they would have to have sardines available that day and I don't think this is a regular menu item at the bars in the Boqueria.

              I think thew OP would be better off hitting up one the places in Barceloneta.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                It's easy to find a bar with a grill in La Boqueria, in fact I had grilled razor clams one morning there, yum.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  You're absolutely right. I've never eaten a sardine at the Boqueria - neither El Quim nor Pinotxo ever seem to serve sardines, Kiosko Universal does, I think, but that's pretty much it.
                  As for grills, I know of one real grill (i.e. one that cooks using real fire) within the tourist-convenient parts of Barcelona. It's not near the beach and they pretty much just grill botifara and chicken.

                  (Not to mention the fact that the walk from the metro through Barceloneta to the beach brings you past at least a half dozen restaurants, all of which serve sardines a la plancha. Of course then you'd have to see if they do takeout - something I've never seen in those places.)