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Aug 10, 2004 05:08 PM

Austin Mojito's

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So, first where to find them and second, are they good? I did have a great one at Starlite....Any recommendations?

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  1. If you get to Dallas go to La Duni for their mojito. The best! Also Samba Room makes a nice one.

    1. I can tell you where not to have them: Habana. Very small, not strong, and $7.50. I expected a big bowl for that price, and received a 6 ounce tumbler.

      It's just rum, sugar, mint, and soda, right? It should be any more than a call drink at most.

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      1. re: rudeboy
        rally burrito

        plus a splash of bitters.

        i was at habana last week, two mojitos had me primed, therefore i disagree with rudeboy about their potency. however, i agree about the inflated price, $7.50 is too steep, especially since i watched the bartender make them with barcadi.

        polvo's has mojitos but they make it with cola, IMO they're not very good.

        my advice is to cough up the $7.50 and try them at habana, if you like them invest in a bottle of good rum and drink them at home until we find a local place we can afford.

        1. re: rally burrito

          I agree, rally B. A fifth of bacardi costs what, $15. You can't keep mint from taking over your garden, and bitters is very cheap. Let's do it and smoke some cheddar.

      2. I don't drink anymore, but everyone I know who does swears by the mojitos at the Brown Bar downtown.