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Sep 6, 2013 09:06 AM

Addictive Snack at 99 Ranch

the seasoned peanuts are hard to stop eating ..... the red skinned small peanuts are very well seasoned with salt and maybe a bit of garlic ? ..... simple but there is something about them ....... sold in flat, round deli containers in a case close to where the BBQ meats are displayed ( Richmond store )

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  1. I am addicted to the Huang Fei Hong Spicy peanuts. Sold at 99 ranch market also. They are flavored with chili and sischuan peppercorn. According to one of my Chinese friends they are made in a part of China famous for having the best peanuts. There are similar ones sometimes sold at 99 Ranch market but none are as good as the Huang Fei Hong brand.

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      Thanks Gordon & Ridge: I found them today at the 99 Ranch in Cupertino - $1.50/bag. It really helped to print out the photo & show it to a staffer - they were right in the front of the store as a "special"... Am getting over a cold so a little "ma la" is definitely in order for me ;-)

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        Further discussion of the Huang Fei Hong Spicy peanuts. Ming Lee in SF Chinatown seels them for less than $2. They're $3 at Marina Food in San Mateo.


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          I recommend people try eating them with a cold cocktail. We have them with a cranberry citrus vodka cocktail. The interaction of the numbing and the cocktail is very interesting.