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Sep 6, 2013 08:10 AM

North County Recommendations with a Baby

Hi all. I will be visiting San Diego in a few weeks with a 6 month old baby. We are interested in restaurants in the Del Mar/Solana Beach/Encinitas area where we could go for dinner with the baby (he would be asleep in the stroller the whole time), so I'm looking for restaurants where we could possibly park the stroller next to our table and which wouldn't be excessively loud (regular noise is fine). I'm thinking that places with outdoor patios would probably make sense. Are there any decent restaurants in this area where it would be okay to take a quiet baby? Thanks!

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  1. not sure where you are coming from but we used to take our 6 month old baby out everywhere and anywhere. As with anywhere else, earlier dining is probably less busy and easier to navigate with a kiddo.

    Pretty much all places on the early side of dinner will accomodate a stroller at the table. If you have a car seat/ stroller combo we used to also sometimes put the baby in the seat on the chair and fold up the stroller if there was less room.

    Il Fornaio in Del Mar has outdoor patio dining and the tables are spaced apart enough to accommodate a stroller.

    Pacifica in Del Mar might be OK during a weekday. Usually there are plenty of open tables outside open during the week. tables a bit more closer but less of a problem with with more open tables.

    L'auberge in Del Mar (waterfall terrace) has a great outdoor brunch with tables spaced far enough.... looks like they serve till 8pm. I've only gone for brunch but I bet the food is good. Limited tables though...

    Fidel's mexican restaurant in Solana beach is just big. Lot's of tables to accommodate anyone. Noise is still normal. They have a little patio and we've been out there comfortably with a stroller. A lot of people like it. I personally just think it is so so, however, the atmosphere is fun and if baby is the priority it is a good choice.