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Sep 6, 2013 07:59 AM

Singapore - Superb Hainanese Pork Satays from Chuan Kee (选记沙爹王)

Chuan Kee proffers the rather hard-to-find Hainanese-style pork satay, usually served with a peanut sauce dip combined with pineapple puree. And stall-owner, Wee Seng Tow and his wife sure do that in style - their pork satay was, in one word, sensational!

Smoky-fragrant, aromatic with coriander & turmeric, and slightly sweet from the sugar-glazed caramelisation cloaking the perfect-textured pork-meat - these are *the* best pork satays I'd ever had. Typical of Hainanese-style satay dips, the Wees add a dollop of pineapple puree atop the thick, spicy peanut sauce, giving it an extra dimension in flavour.

The bland compressed rice "ketupat", which came woven in palm leaf parcels, provided a perfect foil to the greasy, assertive pork satays.

Mr Wee had been plying his trade for nearly half a century - and his mastery over the art of grilling the satays really shows through - each and every one of those satays were perfectly-grilled.

Address details
Chuan Kee Satay (选记沙爹王)
Old Airport Road Food Centre, #01-85
51 Old Airport Road
Singapore 390051

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  1. I agree this is one of the best pork satay around. But i get frustrated everything i order from the wife. I asked how long do I have to wait...she said half hour. End up waiting for one hour 15 minutes. Thought it is rather unfair to your customers especially when she actually know 1/2 hour is bullshit.
    That aside, this store in my opinion serves the best satay...come prepared to wait and never trust her time estimate.

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    1. re: zetty

      Agreed, zetty - they'd had many customers who ended up leaving in a huff after getting tired of waiting, which is why they now insisted on payment first as you order these days.

    2. Looks good klyeoh!
      Hay! To kick it up another notch, you should bring some Spanish Iberian Black Hoof pork to the owner and have him prepare it for you!! Oh! Don't forget to invite me!!! Ha!
      I think that's what Hong Kong's 2* Tin Lung Heen is using for their 'Fu Sing' version of 'Char Siu'

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      1. re: Charles Yu

        LOL! Well, the meat has to be marinated in advance, Charles. For Chuan Kee, they'd marinade their meats in the early mornings, if they're barbecuing those at, say, 6pm that same evening.

        1. re: Charles Yu

          really? how did it turn out? (at tin lung heen)

          im obsessed with fu sing's cha siu (cha siu is one of my all time fav foods since i was a little kid)

        2. oh man! i tried to go here when i ate at old airport road, i think i was most excited about place bc i love satay, but i didnt pay close enough attention to the hours and it was closed

          definitely coming here next time

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          1. re: Lau

            Old Airport Road's stalls have very erratic opening hours. Sometimes, I go for Nam Sing Hokkien mee and they are closed. Sometimes they open late, sometimes they close early.

            1. re: makanputra

              yah a couple of the stalls i wanted to go to last time were closed. However, i went to nam sing and was literally the first customer, so no waiting!