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Sep 6, 2013 07:43 AM

Continental Yogurt

I live in the northeast now but spent time in California. The best yogurt I ever had was Royal Continental. I understand it comes from a small maker in Glendale. I cannot find any source for this company or the yogurt. Are they still in businss? Anyone have any contact information for this company or where to buy Royal Continental in NYC? Thanks in advance.

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  1. The company is out of business. I have family in Glendale, CA. We all had enjoyed this brand of yogurt. But it's no longer avail anywhere.

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      That is a major bummer. Their culture was unique. So smooth and creamy. Well thanks for the heads up.

      1. re: Enigma3

        Sure, sorry to deliver a bummer but I hated to think you'd be spending time on a closed business.

        We miss that brand too.

    2. I fell in love with Royal Continental when I lived in San Francisco. Never found another yogurt like it. So sorry it's out of business. But Fage and Siggi's yogurts are not bad at all. I prefer plain so I can do sweet or savory...From one yogurt lover to another, I feel your loss...May the culture be with you...

      1. I believe the family that created Continental went on to start the probiotic company Natren, Inc which is still operating in California today. Natren sells a yogurt starter -- try it, maybe you can recreate their delicious yogurt at home?

        1. I lived in Aspen CO the 1960's and it was there that I first tasted Royal Continental yogurt which to this day is the only yogurt I ever really loved. I agree that Fage is not bad especially if you can find the whole milk version. My wife has been experimenting with making her own starting with a whole milk Greek style, slowly heating it with just the light in a closed oven and filtering it to remove the whey which she likes to drink. She has succeeded in producing a final product that is thick and sour which reminds me of Royal Continental more than any other I've tried. I do wish we knew exactly how they did it. Starting with milk from Jersey cows might be part of the equation. Please post any tips here that you might have or email me directly at