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Sep 6, 2013 07:30 AM

Stockpot for crab boil

We're looking for a large stockpot (12 qt minimum) that can be used indoors (NOT induction, though) to boil seafood and, as a bonus, be used for pasta, as well. So mainly for boiling water - which is one reason I don't want to spend a small fortune. I'm picturing something that is taller rather than wider. Have also come across these two and was wondering if you have any experience with either of these, or if you could recommend a stockpot....thank you!

Cuisinart 12 qt - I know this was recommended by ATK

Farberware 16 qt - very highly rated by users wherever I look

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  1. Hi, Kimbers:

    I think both are quality pots for one Dungeness crab.

    A caution if you're planning to boil more than one crab (live) at a time--you need enough depth *and* width for: (a) not letting the buggers stand on each others' shoulders trying to escape; and (b) to have enough water volume so that the water doesn't go cool on you before the last one goes in the pool.

    A large, cheap graniteware canner works well.


    1. If you are going to do eastern blue claw crab, get a pot with a filter or stand or even pasta strainer as they are not boiled but steamed. If you ever had a dungeness done that way, served hot with blue crab seasoning and steamed, you might not go back.

        1. For Crabs we always used a Turkey Fryer and they are cheap.
          You do not need a heavy pan because there is nothing to stick or get scorched unless you need it for other applications..