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Sep 6, 2013 07:02 AM

TIFF 2013 - Specials, late openings, food related events

I am starting to come across some special menus/etc for TIFF so thought I would start a thread for it for others doing TIFF.

Sense is doing a Chinese menu during TIFF. I went last year to the Dim Sum thing they had (I think it was last year) and it was pretty decent. Not sure what the menu is like this time around.

Kho San Rd is open this Sunday evening for TIFF. Usually they are closed on Sundays.

McDs was all around The Elgin last night with free coffees. Full sized coffees. I think they will be around other venues as well.

Monday's 86D at the Drake is "TIFF" themed as well - together with Vice
There are a bunch of bars open until 4am for the duration of TIFF

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  1. LUMA is doing the $10 lunch boxes this year. $10 gets you a drink, a dessert or fruit and a sandwich wrap. Quick service. Go to the bar of LUMA

    1. At the Grolsch Open House they have 2 food trucks each day. This is on John at Pearl St. Right across from the Lightbox on the west side. Today there was Caplansky's and Fidel Gastros.