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Sep 6, 2013 06:52 AM

Cheap Food in Expensive Restaurants

I think this topic may have been covered before. If so, I apologize. Anyways, what are some of your favorite "steals" at a fancy restaurant? Could be a weekly special where something is half off or just a generous portion of something amazing for not very much money. This occurred to me as a good topic last night when I went to Sushi Robata. For $5.75 you can get a steamed red snapper head (they have grilled too but the steamed is better). Even if you don't like eating the eye, it's a tremendous amount of amazing fish for very cheap. You could get that and a bowl of rice and have a very satisfying meal.

Any others?

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  1. Interesting topic.

    With your reference to Sushi Robata, I'd be a bit squeamish when it came to eating the eyes but, there are parts of the head I do enjoy such as the cheeks which are some of the tastiest parts of a fish.

    However, that said, I wouldn't want to dine at Sushi Robata and eat like a peasant.

    I'm curious now to hear from others here about their (cheaper) eating experiences at restaurants that are somewhat expensive.

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      Perry's Pork Chop special, Friday at lunch.

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        Perry's also has that special on Sundays with half priced bottles of wine.

    2. Can you get the snapper head at lunch at Sushi Robata? Is it the full head or half?

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        It is available at lunch but you have to ask for the dinner menu (where most of the good stuff is anyways). It is half a head, still plenty of meat though. The steamed version comes with a broth, a mushroom and some tofu as well.

      2. A dish that can be truly outstanding is the lobster mac and cheese at Capital Grill. I don't remember exactly how much, $14-16? But when it's good, I consider it a bargain.

        1. Niku tofu is another really filling dish at Sushi Robata that isn't pricy.

          Tei An: bowl of miso ramen

          FT33/Lucia/Boulevardier: salumi/charcuterie boards

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            and the $1 foie gras stuffed prune at Lucia!

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              OMG! That is amazing actually. Wonder how they'd react if you sat at the bar and ordered a dozen?

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                I'd be impressed if you could do that... and resist everything else on the menu.

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              Miso Ramen eh? TeiAn is downstairs from my office....I should go do that tomorrow.


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                So had the TeiAn Ramen for lunch yesterday. Great Call!