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Sep 6, 2013 06:41 AM

Chicken McNuggets from China

Given China's less than competent food safety record, be afraid. Or stop eating chicken McNuggets.

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  1. Oh, I know!!!! I read this yesterday and was horrified. Just horrified. The problem is not only that they'll sell this food here, but that we'll have no way to know that it came from there. I've long made a point of not buying food items from China (frozen fish, pine nuts, etc.). Unfortunately, we actually do like chicken nuggets at home (there are some nice varieties, organic, healthier); it's one of the few things my picky toddler eats, and it is so helpful when life gets hectic. But now...
    If consumers stop buying processed chicken products, maybe food manufacturers will be forced to review this decision. Ugh.

      Statement from the USDA administrator on the subject.

      1. Or make them yourself using a source of poultry you can verify.

        1. Glad I don't eat chicken

          1. I read about this yesterday. I don't eat any processed chicken food items, but I would stop if I did. I can't believe that they're allowing this.

            Doesn't anyone remember the HUGE outbreak of avian flu in the live chicken population of China? Thousands of dogs were sickened on Chinese-made dog jerky?

            Quite frankly, I don't really trust the USDA. How much you want to bet that the USDA would "quietly allow" the eventual use of Chinese-raised chicken in these products?

            And now the American chicken processing plants will no longer have USDA inspectors, but they'll be replaced with employees of those companies? Ummm.....isn't that like allowing the fox to guard the hen house? That is completely idiotic.

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              If there are no US inspectors in the Chinese plants, what's to stop the Chinese plants from adding anything they so choose to the chicken products?